Free educational videos on various topics related to human movement, biomechanics, technique, soft-tissue modalities, cueing, and various other strength/performance-related topics.
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Education Newsletter #5

Welcome to the fifth edition of the Kabuki Education newsletter! This email contains free educational content on human movement, biomechanics, technique, soft-tissue modalities, cueing, and various other strength/performance-related topics. Click each image or "Watch Video" button to load the full video.  

Important Note: There's so much good stuff in this email that you may have to click "View Entire Message" when you get to the bottom of the email to view it all!

We find that people start at the wrong place when they want to improve their technique. Following a process is the best way to improve almost every component of training and improving your technique is no different.

Positions > Drills > Soft Tissue Work

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Most people think that being as upright as possible is the best position for squatting. That might be true but only if you have the limb and pelvic proportions that allow it. Instead of staying as upright as you can you should be forlding your torso to reflect your bodies hip torso fold proportion. The degree in which you fold will be dependent on the depth, width, and contour of your pelvis (and of course the lengths of femurs and torso).

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Coach Brandon @bmorg33 presents the basics of nutrient timing. When you eat what matters. To get the most out of particular nutrients you can take advantage of key times of the day your body handles them best to aid in muscle growth, fat reduction, and improved recovery.

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Today’s episode is a fascinating discussion with sleep expert Nick Lambe – The Online Sleep Coach. Sleep is a topic that is equally important to all humans, particularly performance and strength athletes. We all have different relationships with sleep, some positive and some negative.

Listen in as Nick discusses the physiological and psychological processes behind healthy sleep, how supplementation (stimulants, sleep aids, THC/CBD, etc) work and affect sleep, and the difference between quality and quantity of sleep. He discusses the importance of habit and environment to sleep quality, sleep hygiene, as well as recent research on sleep. A great listen for all sleepers!

You can follow Nick on Instagram @theonlinesleepcoach or online at where you can learn more about his sleep coaching services.

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One of the most common squat pattern faults is raising your hips too quickly out of the hole. This usually leads to the lifter getting pitched forward and being forced to good morning their squat. There are many different things that can contribute to a squat morning but one of the quickest ways to improve that pattern is to get more out of your knee extensors.

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Watch this cornerstone video to learn why almost all shoes are bio-mechanically flawed in their design and function. I talk with Dr. Ray McClanahan DPM (Doctor of Podiatric Medicine) from NW Foot & Ankle and inventor of @correcttoes as he demonstrates what your foot looks like inside one of these shoes that 99.9% of people wear and why this is harmful to your performance.

More content to come on this topic, but for now keep in mind these 5 negative characteristics in a shoe:

  • Arch Support
  • High Heel
  • Narrow Toe Box
  • Very Stiff
  • Toe Spring
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The reverse band bench row is a great drill to help pattern the bottom of your bench press. It can either be used as a movement preparation drill prior to your main work or as a strength drill at the end of your session.

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Dips are a staple strength and muscle builder in many lifters programs. For some individual they could be doing more harm than good especially if you "dump" at the bottom of the bench press.

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Coach Brandon @bmorg33 provides a simple, concise overview of refeeds along with recommendations on how and when to implement them during periods of calorie restriction.

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Have your technique reviewed by the Kabuki Strength Coaching staff for only $20! You'll receive a completely custom movement preparation program for your individual biomechanics. Not only that but we'll also send you a 1-on-1 coaching video describing everything we see in your movement that can be improved. We want you to get the most out of everything you're already doing in the gym and by improving your movement you'll be taking one more step closer to that!

Simply follow the link below and submit new videos or links to existing videos from Instagram or YouTube!

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Click the image above to watch this video for an overview of our flagship and most popular Virtual Coaching service. Weekly Virtual Coaching includes comprehensive assessment and engagement to promote the best possible coach/athlete relationship. Our team has spent years building systems and processes to help optimize and provide the best possible feedback and direction forward week to week using various methods of autoregulation, frequent feedback, and video analysis. We view this coaching as a long-term athletic development process, not just a 12-week program to peak you for a meet. This means we’re devoted to the holistic picture of helping you to improve in the direction of your specific goals and approaching them from all possible angles to help you to the greatest degree possible.

Something that sets us apart from other coaching services is that we are exactly that, a coaching service. This is not a template or even just an individual program. Our goal is long-term development of the individual and we try to cover all the bases for that as it relates to training. In addition to receiving an updated training program weekly, you will also be given a movement plan at the beginning and as needed later which gives technical cues to work on based on video analysis, and corrective drills to begin to address faults in technique. This helps us ensure we’re developing movement quality in conjunction with other athletic qualities to help optimize not only your performance but also longevity.

Remote coaching has some unique obstacles not present during tradition in-person coaching. Most challenges revolve around communication which is why we’ve created systems to manage multiple communicatory paths. We combine the objective information provided in your training log with the subjective information provided in your weekly check-ins to decide what needs updated and ultimately to determine how effective the training is. Ultimately, once you become part of the Kabuki Strength Team you become the most important person to us. Your goals become our goals and we only have your best interest in mind.

If you'd like to learn more, sign-up for a free strategy call with a coach at the "Learn More" button below.

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As an organization, Kabuki Strength stands humbly at the intersection of two eternal virtues, experience and knowledge. From the very beginning, one of our core, foundational tenants has been education. It is this never-ending pursuit, application, and expression of knowledge that is central to our mission of making the world a better place through strength.

Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to work with and receive mentorship from some of the brightest minds in the industry. These incredible researchers, educators, coaches, and clinicians are the ones weaving the fabric of our collective understanding of how the body works, how to strengthen it, and how to fix it when it breaks. They spend much of their time in the clinic, on the field, in the lab, or in the classroom; working relentlessly to push us one step further.

We’ve found that of the greatest challenges facing our community is the disconnect between the pursuit of knowledge and its mainstream application. In an industry influenced by dogma and the incessant search for instant results we often lose sight of the men and women who build our foundation of knowledge. For them, recognition is scarce and in today’s day and age popularity often determines the success of an idea or person, rather than efficacy or truth.

We want to change this.

We are committed to sharing our platform and working with the clinical, academic, and strength & conditioning communities to teach, coach, and equip more and more people with the tools and knowledge needed to better themselves. If you listen to our Strength Chat podcast, you will have heard many of these incredible men and women tell their story and share wisdom.

Today, we are proud to announce and introduce a new initiative towards this goal – the Kabuki Strength Advisory Board. We are honored that these world-class individuals would lend us their time, their knowledge, and their name in our pursuit of making the world a better place through strength. 

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For those who aren't familiar, all of our educational content is available in an indexed, searchable video library! 

This includes all the free content you see us post on Instagram or YouTube, as well as hundreds of private videos on various topics related to human movement, strength training, technique, cueing, IASTM and soft-tissue modalities, and more! Videos can be saved to a custom playlist, as well as "cast" via AirPlay or Chromecast. 

A subscription to the video library costs $10.99 per month, or $99.99 per year. 

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