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The Trap Bar

Available for purchase.

Over the last few releases the Trap Bar has quickly sold out when made available to those on the waitlist. Due to improvements in production capacity for this product, we're pleased to announce that the Trap Bar is still available for purchase, as of when this email was sent.

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Derrington Wright is a strength coach at Kabuki Strength and an elite powerlifter in the USAPL/IPF.

"The Arnold Classic 2018 was the best performance of my lifting career. I ended with an 1829lbs (830kg) total in the 105kg division, I was ecstatic. I even ended up winning a big check for $800 for placing first, literally the peak of my powerlifting journey at the time. Fast forward to March 14th, I wake up, half asleep and I see an email that says, “notification of doping failure...."

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Weekly Roundup

A collection of this week's educational posts

Hey folks! For those of you not on the 'Gram, here's a weekly roundup of our recent educational posts! Tap any of the links below to see/watch that post (even if you don't have Instagram) and read the caption! 

  1. The 30% Rule: How Much Training Stimulus is Necessary to Maintain Strength
  2. Single-Leg Cross-Body Deadlift
  3. Deadbug with Strap
  4. Rooting
  5. The Best General Squat & Deadlift Warmup
  6. Vise Method: Groin and Adductors
  7. Close Grip Bench Width
  8. Virtual Coaching Client Inside Look
  9. Intra-Thoracic Pressure 101

Moving forward, all educational videos will be captioned for ease of viewing! 

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Mike McCastle is a living legend - having performed feats of strength and endurance that will have you saying "...he did WHAT?". Like doing 5,804 pull-ups in 24 hours while wearing a 30lb pack. The first time he tried that, he ended up in the hospital for 4 days with torn biceps, forearms, and rhabdo. Mike has flipped a 250lb truck tire for 13 miles, he even spent 10 hours climbing a 20 foot rope 1450 times, which is the height of Mt. Everest.

Perhaps the most fascinating and best part about Mike is his deep conviction and passion for doing good in the world. All these insane accomplishments fall under The 12 Labors Project, Mike's personal philanthropic endeavor to raise money and awareness for important causes via feats of endurance and strength.

In this episode you'll hear lots of laughs and funny stories, but also moments of self-reflection from Mike on what drives him to do this and what his "why" is. Our hosts and Mike also discuss details regarding his training, nutrition, and recovery modalities used to be able to perform at such an extreme level.

A fascinating episode and a must listen. Mike's passion is contagious, and we guarantee it will inspire you. To learn more about Mike McCastle visit his website and make sure to follow him on social media @mikemccastle

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If you've ever been curious about what Virtual Coaching with Kabuki Strength is like, watch this inside look video filmed by our friends over at LiftingLargeMedia, featuring our Director of Coaching and Performance Brandon Senn, and virtual coaching athlete Peter Nguyen who has been coached by Brandon for several years.

More about Virtual Coaching:

Weekly Virtual Coaching is our flagship service and includes comprehensive assessment and engagement to promote the best possible coach/athlete relationship. Our team has spent years building systems and processes to help optimize and provide the best possible feedback and direction forward week to week using various methods of auto-regulation, frequent feedback, and video analysis. We view this coaching as a long-term athletic development process, not just a 12-week program to peak you for a meet. This means we’re devoted to the holistic picture of helping you to improve in the direction of your specific goals and approaching them from all possible angles to help you to the greatest degree possible.

Something that sets us apart from other coaching services is that we are exactly that, a coaching service. This is not a template or even just an individual program. Our goal is long-term development of the individual and we try to cover all the bases for that as it relates to training. In addition to receiving an updated training program weekly, you will also be given a movement plan at the beginning and as needed later which gives technical cues to work on based on video analysis, and corrective drills to begin to address faults in technique. This helps us ensure we’re developing movement quality in conjunction with other athletic qualities to help optimize not only your performance but also longevity.

Remote coaching has some unique obstacles not present during tradition in-person coaching. Most challenges revolve around communication which is why we’ve created systems to manage multiple communicatory paths. We combine the objective information provided in your training log with the subjective information provided in your weekly check-ins to decide what needs updated and ultimately to determine how effective the training is. Ultimately, once you become part of the Kabuki Strength Team you become the most important person to us. Your goals become our goals and we only have your best interest in mind.

If you'd like to learn more, sign-up for a free strategy call with a coach at the "Learn More" button below.

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Virtual Coaching Overview Video
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Dean Somerset @dsomerset1 has built a reputation as one of the leading authorities in functional anatomy, corrective exercise, and post-rehabilitation in the fitness industry, and is consistently featured in major international fitness publications such as Men’s Health, and many others. We are honored to have him be a part of the Kabuki Strength Advisory Board.

He has consulted with professional football and baseball strength coaches, as well many amateur teams and individuals. Dean also presents workshops and seminars internationally for various organizations and through his own business, and has been a guest lecturer at universities in Canada, the US, and England. He has lectured in front of over 5,000 fitness and health professionals in 14 different countries at current count, and has produced video educational series that have been accessed by professionals in over 80 countries.

Dean works with elite runners, firefighters, Paralympians, cardiac rehabilitation and cancer survivors, as well as everyone in between. Each situation calls for an individualized approach to assessment, training plan development, teaching and motivation. Regardless of where someone begins with their fitness, his goal is to help them get where they want to be, and to use the best cutting edge methods available to get them there faster than they ever believed possible, while also helping them to enjoy the process.

Dean has worked back and forth directly with both Kabuki Strength Co-Founders Chris Duffin and Rudy Kadlub in lecture and application of principles around hip and shoulder assessments.  There is significant synergy in philosophy and principles in Dean’s methodologies and Kabuki Strength, and his work has further refined some of our approaches.

Advisory Board

We are surrounded by heroes everyday and everywhere we go. As a company, we honor and support those who put their lives on the line to protect us. All active duty or veteran military personnel and first responders (Police, Fire, EMT) are welcome to use our hero discount to save 11% on their order. There is no discount validation because we trust that our customers are honorable, and those of you who shouldn’t use this discount, don’t. Thank you to those who serve; we are forever indebted to you.

11% off code: MPFEMS11

The BarAux

BarAux is a simple bar attachment accessory allowing for convenient and efficient use of training aids such as bands and chains. The BarAux ™ slides onto a barbell sleeve like a regular plate, and sits flush against the sleeve collar.


  • BarAux is sold as a pair (2x pieces)
  • Laser cut to a tight tolerance so that it can slide onto a standard olympic sleeve with a snug fit, preventing movement and bar damage
  • Only 1cm thick and sits flush against sleeve collar
  • A slight +10° up angle on the peg prevents bands from slipping off due to slippage and horizontal forces
  • Easily swap bands for different lifters
  • Attach chains using standard carabiner or hooks 
  • Black oxide plated for corrosion resistance
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Here is an epic motivational video featuring Coach @young_strength_165 and an epic motivational audio track, to serve as the backdrop for his official bio below! This video deserves full screen + sound on, and is best experienced before a big deadlift sesh 💪🏻🔥 Coach Kyle, glad you’re part of the family ❤️ 

“I started in the fitness industry 13 years ago as a personal trainer and wanted to move into physical therapy. I quickly realized that there was a big gap between the physical therapy office and the gym, especially for an athlete wanting to get back into their sport. At that time there were no resources on any big scale doing what Kabuki Strength is doing for the industry today!

This led me to go through massage therapy school, and study every book and training method I could get my hands on. This unique knowledge base has allowed me to specialize in injury rehab and prevention through strength training. At one time I held 13 active certifications, from Russian Kettlebells to TRX to CrossFit. I tried to learn anything relevant that I could apply to make people stronger and move better.

My athletic career is two-fold; lifting and fighting, are my true passions. I have lifted competitively for the last 7 years balancing alongside an extensive martial arts career. Competing in the 165-198 weight class raw, single ply, and multiply.  I have a black belt in MPD, am a current kickboxing instructor, have trained in: kickboxing, boxing, BJJ, weapons fighting, and MMA. This was and is all while attempting to be the best powerlifter possible and smash as many records as I can!

My coaching career is diverse over the years as well, giving me a very wide base to help people achieve their best. I have taught countless hours of martial arts, kickboxing, CrossFit, and MMA strength and conditioning. In powerlifting, I have coached many beginner and intermediate lifters, as well as national and world record holders.”

Watch Motivational Video on IGTV
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The Trap Bar Review

Coop over at had the chance to put The Trap Bar through an in-depth review, and he just published the results! Click the link to read the full review.

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Saturday, August 3 @ 2pm

Kabuki Strength Lab

Kabuki Strength Lab invites you for a fun afternoon to celebrate the launch of our co-founder Chris Duffin’s new book - The Eagle and the Dragon. There will be a short book reading, good BBQ, Bourbon, a Last Man Standing Deadlift (with prizes), and lots of friendly faces to have a great time with! More details on the deadlift event to follow - just come ready to PR :)

The $30 online gets you in the door and full access to food, drinks, deadlifts, and good times! If tickets are still available, they will be $40 at the door on the day of the event.

The $60 option includes a signed hardcover copy of The Eagle and the Dragon, addressed to you (or whoever you wish).  The signed copy will be mailed to you after the event, as we won’t have hard covers available from the printer by the event date.

Limited Spots Available. 

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