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Help Support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

We are proud to announce that our co-founder Chris Duffin's #GrandGoals initiative will be used to fundraise for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and to help our friend Connor Green raise his goal of $50,000. Proceeds from sales of our new #GrandGoals shirts  will be donated, and we invite you to directly contribute as well. 

Connor is the grandson of Kabuki co-founder Rudy Kadlub, and he was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2018. After radiation and chemotherapy, today Conor is in remission and back in the full swing of young adulthood as he recently took the field for his first football game back and had a huge interception! 

We invite you to click the image above to watch a quick video with Chris, Connor, Connor's father Andy and Grandpa Rudy talking about this fundraiser.

Chris will be attempting to squat 1000lbs for 3 repetitions at the IHRSA Convention in San Diego on March 19th at 2pm. Those who wish to attend may register using code WEB20 to gain free entry.

Watch Video with Chris + Connor
Donate to Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Buy #GrandGoals Shirt

One of the strongest powerlifters in history, JP Price on the Kadillac Bar:

"I've used three "neutral grip" or "football" bars and this is BY FAR the best constructed bar with the lifters anatomy in mind. The best knurling, the best joint stacking, and the best design for benching"

JP Price

One bar induced instability and injury. The other bar improved quality of movement and range of motion; reducing injury risk and increasing training potential. One reason, perhaps, why the top Strength & Conditioning programs in professional and collegiate sports use Kabuki Strength barbells.

Watch Kadillac Bar Video
Purchase Kadillac Bar

Dr. Aaron Horshig with Squat University  posted a case study using our Transformer Bar and elite powerlifter JP Price. 

Copied from original post:

Always have a why behind every exercise. Let’s talk about why I am having JP Price perform a box squat with the Transformer Bar by Kabuki Strength. Months ago, JP had surgery to repair a torn labrum in his right hip. The surgeon used tiny incisions to guide the instruments into the joint, find the tear and repair it.

8 weeks after surgery we started loading the squat, but with a few specific modifications. First, notice how upright JPs chest is during this squat. The Transformer Bar by Kabuki Strength & @mad_scientist_duffin allows you to manipulate where the weight sits on your body. We used setting 2.5c which allowed us to mimic the more upright chest of a front squat.

This upright trunk position allows for a more open hip, and because we’re squatting to a high box – places far less demand on the hip joint. Meaning we were able to start loading the squat but without placing excessive pressure on the newly repaired labrum.

From here, the rehab plan has followed a progression of lowering the box height as we increased weight on the bar. I’ll put another update on JPs progress in a few weeks.

If you’d like to hear JPs story of how he injured his hip & our game plan for rehab, check out the Podcast here.

Shout out to @3d4medical with the Complete Anatomy app for the visual of the body

Watch Transformer Bar Video
Purchase Transformer Bar

Very cool to see Special Olympics powerlifting athletes training and progressing at The Lab each Saturday!

Huge thanks to Coach Cassandra, Havvy, and Colby for organizing and coaching these incredible athletes as they prepare for their upcoming meet! 💯💪🏼

Original Post on Instagram

If you follow Chris Duffin on Instagram, you may have found your mouth watering every now and again as you see his posts. Chris' wife Jaqueline is an experienced chef (she was nearly a finalist on MasterChef, twice) and has been producing short, simple, and extremely delicious recipe videos on her page. Things like:

  • Easy Tomahawk Steak
  • Shwarma
  • Kefta Kabobs
  • Braised Ragu
  • Tri-Tip Chili
  • Chimicurri

(you can see all these recipes on her profile highlights)

Jaqueline uses Certified Piedmontese Beef for recipes that call for beef, and thanks to her we can share this 25% off deal with our subscribers. Full disclaimer - this is a no-kickback code and it's use/promotion does not result in any financial incentive for the Duffin family or Kabuki. We just wanted to share a good deal!

Certified Piedmontese is all-natural, extremely lean and tender beef grown ranch-to-fork by families in the Midwest. To learn more, hit the link below and don't forget to use code JDUFFIN25 to save! 

If you end up cooking something delicious, share it on social media with the tag #DuffinCooks so we can see what you made! 

Shop Beef
Follow Jaqueline's Cooking

This past week saw Kabuki Strength staff visit Florida for some MLB Spring Training action! The grapefruit league was in full swing and we had the chance to sit down with many existing customers and new ones! 

Did you know that 75% of professional baseball team S&C programs use Kabuki Strength barbells and equipment?

If you are interested in outfitting your team's weightroom with our bars and IASTM tools, hit the grey button below to contact our sales team! 

Team, Commercial, and MPF Sales
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Coming in 2 short weeks is our Principles of Loaded Movement course at The Lab, our facility here in sunny Portland, Oregon. Join Chris, Brandon, and our staff of coaches and educators for a packed weekend full of knowledge and experience.

Our cornerstone Principles of Loaded Movement course is an interactive, in-person continuing education course through which attendees will develop mastery around the core barbell lifts and foundational human movement. We invite you to join the over 1000 individuals who have attended Kabuki Strength courses over the last 4 years by signing up for one of our upcoming courses spread throughout the US and Canada.

Together with other athletes, coaches, and clinicians – you will spend 16 hours over 2 days in a hybrid lecture-workshop format learning from and working hands-on with an experienced group of Kabuki Strength coaches. Outside of our public events; our skilled educators regularly present this curriculum to professional and collegiate strength & conditioning staff, as well as at professional conferences and events. Attendees from all professions and sports – and with differing goals - find incredible value in developing strength, resilience to injury, and gaining a better understanding of their own physiology and individual mechanics as it relates to movement.

Register for Portland Course
Full Seminar Schedule

Kabuki Strength barbells are designed, engineered, prototyped, tested, and manufactured at The Lab in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Our products are engineered and produced out of a need for research-based, biomechanically-sound strength equipment for the modern athlete. We are committed to building a legacy and adding value to an industry with a long tradition of great coaches and innovators. We are proud American manufacturers of the industry’s best and most effective strength equipment.

Transformer Bar
Kadillac Bar
250k PSI Power Bar
Trap Bar HD
Duffalo Bar
250k PSI Squat Bar

We are hosting a 1-day Sleep Workshop at The Lab, presented by The Online Sleep Coach

Sleep used to be solely viewed as a time of rest and inactivity, but we now know that it’s so much more as the one lever we can pull to improve our quality of life. Sleep is the ultimate life enhancer and impacts every single system of your body. It’s your best life insurance policy, most powerful medicine and most potent drug free performance enhancement. Whether the goal is optimal health, body composition, physical performance, improved cognition or better relationships, Sleep plays a pivotal and non negotiable role.

Kabuki Strength is proud to host educators and coaches like The Online Sleep Coach to present educational content at our facility. If you are interested in hosting a course at The Lab, please email us.

Register for Sleep Workshop

All of us here at Kabuki Strength love the sport of powerlifting and want to see it continue growing.  We believe the discipline and pursuit of a competitive goal is one of the best things a strength athlete or lifter can do for their long-term success, regardless of experience level.

As a way to encourage participation in competition and to promote the benefits of a dynamic, goal-centered relationship between coach and athlete - we're offering any new or existing Virtual Coaching client who completes both of the following two requirements a FREE Kabuki Strength Bar of their choice:

1. Register for and compete in an approved regional, national, or world-level competition during the course of your coaching with Kabuki Strength.

2. Complete at least 6 continuous months of Weekly Virtual Coaching with Kabuki Strength.

Qualifying meets are determined based on a minimum lifter threshold and the current list can be found below. If you think a qualifying meet is missing from this list, please email

* Limit of 1x free barbell per athlete, shipping not included. Valid only with Weekly Virtual Coaching service after 6x full billing cycles. Both requirements must be met.

As in most sports, the coach-athlete relationship is central to progress and performance in competition be it powerlifting, strongman, or weightlifting. Successful coaching goes far beyond programming and encompasses movement prep, rehab/prehab, athletic development, and mental conditioning.

We look forward to working with you to help you achieve your training and competition goals. If you have any questions about this initiative or Virtual Coaching, we invite you to sign up for a FREE 15 Minute Strategy Call with a coach at the link below. You can also email for any other questions.

Learn More and Sign up


The MyoRök is our latest IASTM Tool, designed with clinical input and made of a high strength stainless steel, laser cut and polished to a perfect edge finish.

You may notice that the MyoRök's 2.25 pound weight is heavier than similar tools - this increased mass allows for improved edge control and less strain on the wrist.  

The tool features multiple internal and external radii, a micro-fascial point, and a beautiful polished double bevel. It's edge is finished to a perfect .060" radius.

Another unique feature and industry first of the MyoRök is it's ability to mount to the ShoulderRök for further self-use applications - especially useful for individuals with limited mobility.

Shop MyoRök

New #GrandGoals Shirt

All proceeds from sales of our new #GrandGoals shirt will go to support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. 

This t-shirt is everything you've dreamed of and more. It feels soft and lightweight, with the right amount of stretch. It's comfortable and flattering for both men and women. Featuring a new take on the classic "Grand Goals" branding, this shirt is designed to be worn in the gym and out as a statement piece. It comes in 3 unique colorways: Oxblood Black, Charcoal Black Triblend, and White Fleck Triblend.

#GrandGoals Shirt
A fascinating episode on the books today with Dr. Roy Page, a protege of Kabuki Board Member Dr. Craig Liebenson and head associate at world-renowned clinic LA Sport & Spine.

Our hosts sit down with Dr. Roy to discuss his education and experience as a practitioner in both western and eastern schools when it comes to rehabilitation modalities. All of our hosts had a chance to experience some unique and novel techniques that Dr. Roy specializes in and utilizes with his patients, particularly electroacupuncture.
You can listen to Strength Chat on all podcast platforms including iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and more. 
Listen Online
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