Free educational videos on various topics related to human movement, biomechanics, technique, soft-tissue modalities, cueing, and various other strength/performance-related topics.
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Education Newsletter #10

Welcome to the tenth edition of the Kabuki Education newsletter! This email contains free educational content on human movement, biomechanics, technique, soft-tissue modalities, cueing, and various other strength/performance-related topics. Click each image or "Watch Video" button to load the full video.  

Important Note: There's so much good stuff in this email that you may have to click "View Entire Message" when you get to the bottom of the email to view it all!

We see three common faults when lifters get stuck at or near lockout in the sumo deadlift. More often than not these issues stem from poor tensioning and position in the start position but each fault will present a unique strategy to fix it.

Fault 1 - Squatting to the bar.
Fault 2 - Windmilling the bar.
Fault 3 - Tucking your hips/rounding the lumbar spine.

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Coach Kyle and Brandon discuss the nuances behind the plyo push-up. Everything from the vast benefits of this exercise to the common faults associated with it.

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TL;DR velocity could replace preplanning # of sets in your program. 

Training induced fatigue is the one variable all strength athletes try to manage either directly or indirectly. If you've ever written a program with pre-planned sets/reps at "×" intensity you've indirectly guessed how much fatigue you can tolerate with consideration to the rest of your training week.

This type of planning has many benefits including providing structure for your program and a base to build progress from. One of the obstacles of forecasting fatigue is the difficulty of accounting for the many sources that contribute to your total fatigue accumulation.

Velocity based training might allow you to avoid guessing and forecasting. By replacing normal % work with velocity we can determine (in real time) our training load based on preparedness during that session. We can also replace the number of sets you pre-plan with a velocity quality threshold.

A velocity quality threshold objectively quantifies how much fatigue you've accumulated within a single set. Based on the % drop in velocity from your target set you can determine and quantify exactly how much fatigue you've accumulated. With this information you could eliminate # of sets completely and replace it with % velocity drop. Instead if shooting for 5 squats sets in a session you could shoot for 20% fatigue accumulation.

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Coach Brandon @bmorg33 discusses the forgotten component of protein, protein quality. Breaking down ways to measure protein quality along with its use for achieving optimal protein intake throughout ones day.

There are many different ways to measure quality. The most commonly used now is PDCAAS, but there is another measure that combats some of the weaknesses of PDCAAS and is growing in popularity, DIAAS, which will be covered in future presentations.

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Sleep used to be solely viewed as a time of rest and inactivity, but we now know that it’s so much more as the one lever we can pull to improve our quality of life. Sleep is the ultimate life enhancer and impacts every single system of your body. It’s your best life insurance policy, most powerful medicine and most potent drug free performance enhancement. Whether the goal is optimal health, body composition, physical performance, improved cognition or better relationships, Sleep plays a pivotal and non negotiable role.

Kabuki Strength and Kabuki Education is proud to host educators and coaches like The Online Sleep Coach to present educational content at our facility. If you are interested in hosting a course, please email

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Calf training is typically an afterthought for most strength athletes as improvement doesn't directly yield stronger lifts. However properly performed calf raises have potential to do really good things for your feet and ankles. If you find training squats and deadlifts barefoot to be uncomfortable you can still get a lot of quality work in a variety of ways 
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In possibly one of the darkest episodes of Strength Chat to date, we’re excited to have back our very first host from our first episode ever all the way back in 2016. Whereas our previous conversation focused on entrepreneurship and the fitness industry, today’s show features a conversation on a topic rarely touched: male mental health.

Jeff Halevy @jeff.halevy is a long-time friend of Kabuki, a former Today Show corespondent, host of internationally syndicated Workout from Within, and Inc 5000 winning entrepreneur for his many successful ventures in the fitness industry. But he hasn’t always been these things.

Known to many as an extremely dynamic, bright, and passionate voice in fitness – Jeff has only recently opened up to share his story of survival from depression, near-suicide, and chaos that almost landed him in prison for 25 years.

In this extremely insightful and honest episode, Jeff and our hosts unpack what it means to “be a man” in the social age, fallacies and traps men fall into, and the desperate need for transparency and acceptable for those seeking help.

This is an important episode for all of us to listen to. Thanks for sharing your story Jeff.

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This little muscle can play a big role in lots of disfunction. Make sure to check out previous videos from Chris Duffin on the Subclavius, Lavator Scapulae, and Diaphragm.

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This is a ~35m lecture from @mad_scientist_duffin on setting life goals. A great video on an important, self-reflective topic we often forget.

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Have you ever lost muscle or strength during an illness? Coach Brandon presents 6 nutritional aspects of maintaining muscle mass through illness. Follow them to keep what you have worked so hard for!

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All of us here at Kabuki Strength love the sport of powerlifting and want to see it continue growing.  We believe the discipline and pursuit of a competitive goal is one of the best things a strength athlete or lifter can do for their long-term success, regardless of experience level.

As a way to encourage participation in competition and to promote the benefits of a dynamic, goal-centered relationship between coach and athlete - we're offering any new or existing Virtual Coaching client who completes both of the following two requirements a FREE Kabuki Strength Bar of their choice:

1. Register for and compete in an approved regional, national, or world-level competition during the course of your coaching with Kabuki Strength.

2. Complete at least 6 continuous months of Weekly Virtual Coaching with Kabuki Strength.

Qualifying meets are determined based on a minimum lifter threshold and the current list can be found below. If you think a qualifying meet is missing from this list, please email

* Limit of 1x free barbell per athlete, shipping not included. Valid only with Weekly Virtual Coaching service after 6x full billing cycles. Both requirements must be met.

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Our cornerstone Principles of Loaded Movement course is an interactive, in-person continuing education course through which attendees will develop mastery around the core barbell lifts and foundational human movement. We invite you to join the over 1000 individuals who have attended Kabuki Strength courses over the last 4 years by signing up for one of our upcoming courses spread throughout the US and Canada.

Together with other athletes, coaches, and clinicians – you will spend 16 hours over 2 days in a hybrid lecture-workshop format learning from and working hands-on with an experienced group of Kabuki Strength coaches. Outside of our public events; our skilled educators regularly present this curriculum to professional and collegiate strength & conditioning staff, as well as at professional conferences and events. Attendees from all professions and sports – and with differing goals - find incredible value in developing strength, resilience to injury, and gaining a better understanding of their own physiology and individual mechanics as it relates to movement.

You will be introduced and take a deep dive into our principle-based movement system as well as cover higher level physiology and biomechanics from a clinical, research-based perspective. Topics covered include spinal mechanics, breathing and bracing, foot strength and ankle mobility, and principles behind the complex relationships of hip, spine, and shoulder function.

Each lecture section is followed up with a corresponding breakout session that will have you working with a coach in a collaborative small group setting. Attendees will take the role of both demonstrating, assessing, and coaching correctives and drills – all under the watchful eyes of a Kabuki Strength coach.

After a short review, the second day of the course involves short lectures and demonstration of practical applications to barbell training after which attendees will individually squat, bench press, and deadlift. This practicum typically results in many “aha” moments of clarity for lifters who quickly develop self-awareness of their previous movement faults as well as an understanding of why those faults existed and how to
overcome them. It’s not uncommon for attendees during this second day to hit personal bests or lift pain-free after years of frustration and no progress.

Our mission for this course is to provide you with the education and tools necessary to achieve your goals – whether you are an athlete, coach, clinician, or simply curious to learn and grown in your knowledge and abilities. Correct, safe movement is foundational to our function not just as athletes, but human beings.

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As an organization, Kabuki Strength stands humbly at the intersection of two eternal virtues, experience and knowledge. From the very beginning, one of our core, foundational tenants has been education. It is this never-ending pursuit, application, and expression of knowledge that is central to our mission of making the world a better place through strength.

Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to work with and receive mentorship from some of the brightest minds in the industry. These incredible researchers, educators, coaches, and clinicians are the ones weaving the fabric of our collective understanding of how the body works, how to strengthen it, and how to fix it when it breaks. They spend much of their time in the clinic, on the field, in the lab, or in the classroom; working relentlessly to push us one step further.

We’ve found that of the greatest challenges facing our community is the disconnect between the pursuit of knowledge and its mainstream application. In an industry influenced by dogma and the incessant search for instant results we often lose sight of the men and women who build our foundation of knowledge. For them, recognition is scarce and in today’s day and age popularity often determines the success of an idea or person, rather than efficacy or truth.

We want to change this.

We are committed to sharing our platform and working with the clinical, academic, and strength & conditioning communities to teach, coach, and equip more and more people with the tools and knowledge needed to better themselves. If you listen to our Strength Chat podcast, you will have heard many of these incredible men and women tell their story and share wisdom.

Today, we are proud to announce and introduce a new initiative towards this goal – the Kabuki Strength Advisory Board. We are honored that these world-class individuals would lend us their time, their knowledge, and their name in our pursuit of making the world a better place through strength. 

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For those who aren't familiar, all of our educational content is available in an indexed, searchable video library! 

This includes all the free content you see us post on Instagram or YouTube, as well as hundreds of private videos on various topics related to human movement, strength training, technique, cueing, IASTM and soft-tissue modalities, and more! Videos can be saved to a custom playlist, as well as "cast" via AirPlay or Chromecast. 

A subscription to the video library costs $10.99 per month, or $99.99 per year. 

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