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Kabuki Competition Initiative

All of us here at Kabuki Strength love the sport of powerlifting and want to see it continue growing.  We believe the discipline and pursuit of a competitive goal is one of the best things a strength athlete or lifter can do for their long-term success, regardless of experience level.

As a way to encourage participation in competition and to promote the benefits of a dynamic, goal-centered relationship between coach and athlete - we're offering any new or existing Virtual Coaching client who completes both of the following two requirements a FREE Kabuki Strength Bar of their choice:

1. Register for and compete in an approved regional, national, or world-level competition during the course of your coaching with Kabuki Strength.

2. Complete at least 6 continuous months of Weekly Virtual Coaching with Kabuki Strength.

Qualifying meets are determined based on a minimum lifter threshold and the current list can be found below. If you think a qualifying meet is missing from this list, please email

* Limit of 1x free barbell per athlete, shipping not included. Valid only with Weekly Virtual Coaching service after 6x full billing cycles. Both requirements must be met.

As in most sports, the coach-athlete relationship is central to progress and performance in competition be it powerlifting, strongman, or weightlifting. Successful coaching goes far beyond programming and encompasses movement prep, rehab/prehab, athletic development, and mental conditioning.

We look forward to working with you to help you achieve your training and competition goals. If you have any questions about this initiative or Virtual Coaching, we invite you to sign up for a FREE 15 Minute Strategy Call with a coach at the link below. You can also email for any other questions.


New Apparel Drop

We're excited to drop two new designs today! 

The first is our new take on a Kabuki Classic: the Whiskey & Deadlifts Ringer Tee. This is an original design printed on a high-quality, comfortable cotton ringer tee meant to be worn in both gym and casual settings. 

The second design is the official Kabuki tee, available in both long and short sleeve cuts. Features our fractured “KABUKI” branding on super soft Bella + Canvas ring-spun cotton shirts. Wear it to the gym or out and about!

Whiskey & Deadlifts
The Kabuki Brand Tee

Update on Chris' #GrandGoals campaign! Caption from Chris Duffin's IG post copied below:

"1015lbs last night was kinda of interesting for my top set. Not sure if it’s low blood pressure or fighting off a bit of a cold, but I couldn’t do more than a single over 950lbs without starting to pass out. The 1015 felt great, and I felt I could have doubled it...but halfway up I started passing out yet somehow managed to finish it!  My body basically quit responding when you see my legs get all jelly-like. Hope to have this issue resolved next week. Definitely not something I’m used to except with heavy front squats cutting off the carotid artery.

I plan to squat 1000x3 this coming March at the IHRSA show in San Diego. This will be the conclusion of my Grand Goals campaign when combined with my nearly 3 reps at a 1000lbs deadlift a few years ago. It will be done just a few weeks shy of my 43rd birthday and also be my final “feat of strength”. This is a culmination of over 30 years of training and working with some of the best minds in the world on rehab/prehab, recovery and training modalities.  I couldn’t even attempt this without the knowledge and support of the Kabuki Strength Team who are directly responsible for managing my training, recovery, and much more. Wish me luck and I hope you’ll follow along as I train to squat 1000lbs for reps."

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Original Post on Instagram

Looks like @hawks79710 is enjoying his 6 new Kabuki bars he won during our Great American Bar Giveaway a few months back! We wish you and your beautiful family many years of health and gains! Jeremy took home the motherlode and won the following:

  • Trap Bar HD
  • Transformer Bar
  • Duffalo Bar
  • Kadillac Bar
  • Power Bar
  • Squat Bar
  • Free Seminar of His Choice​​

And yes, all of here at Kabuki Strength at just as jealous as all of you are.

Most folks add bars to their garage gym, Jeremy added a garage gym to his bars. 

Shop Barbells

Awesome to see the #TransformerBar featured in an @underarmour ad with @therock 🔥 Great find @kiltedlifter


Stopped by the @underarmour factory outlet this evening to buy some new pants and saw an ad of @therock squatting with a @kabukistrengthlab #transformerbar, which was pretty cool. #safetysquatbar #squat #iwantone #thebarnottherock

Shop Transformer Bar

We find that people start at the wrong place when they want to improve their technique. Following a process is the best way to improve almost every component of training and improving your technique is no different.

Positions > Drills > Soft Tissue Work

This educational video features content from our Principles of Loaded Movement Course. For more information about upcoming courses, please visit

Scientific strength training methods combined with a clinically based movement system.

Schedule a FREE Strategy Call and explore our coaching services at

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Kabuki Strength offers an industry-leading lineup of soft tissue, IASTM, and mobility tools including the ShouldRök, PainPill (44lbs), Boomstick (19lbs), Baby Boomer (6lbs), and MyoRök. Click below to learn more and get your own.

Buy ShouldeRök
Buy PainPill (44lbs)
Buy MyoRök
Buy Boomstick (19lbs)
Buy Baby Boomer (6lbs)
Buy Tactical ShouldeRök

Chris Duffin, the Bar, and the Infamous Red Shirt.

This video is my most epic fail... trust me, just keep watching. Somedays don’t go as planned and you just have to laugh it off! For those that need to know how this happened: I believe this was 825lbs while training for one of my last attempts at the 220 record back in 2014-2015

  • I called for a double but the rack was brought back in after the first rep, catching just one side of the bar before he pulled the rack back out after realizing the mistake.
  • So now I’m standing twisted with bar pulled in front and raised on one side, unable to get one side of the bar up and in, or the other side up and back out.
  • Cue the chaos 😝

Ended up being my most watched video ever and was turned into memes all over.  Enjoy!

Watch Video

NEW: Make sure to signup for our Seminar Early Access Discount Program in order to:

  1. Reserve your seat at a course
  2. Receive a limited-time registration discount code
  3. Get additional course information and content emailed to you. 

We look forward to seeing you at one of our 2020 courses! 

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Our friends over at Bearfoot Athletics have just launched their first training shoe, and all of us here at Kabuki Strength are excited to get our pair!  

Via Chris Duffin:

"Very excited for all the @BearFootAthletics Ursus customers, and proud to be a partner in co-founding this brand! This shoe is incredibly comfortable and aesthetic for a flat, minimalist shoe while also providing fantastic grip and of course allowing for correct foot function. Ursus is designed to offer people the closest experience to bearfoot training, to optimize foot mechanics and help STRENGTHEN the foot. It is also designed with a clean color way, simple cuts, and a design suitable for daily causal wear. Although I can be bearfoot in my own facility (unlike most), I still wear the Ursus in the gym and outside as my daily shoe. Overly restrictive and supportive footwear does the same for your foot as would wearing a weightlifting belt all day would do for your core. Build a stronger foundation through a stronger and healthier foot."


The Baby Boomer

Introducing the ultimate self-use IASTM tool: small enough to throw in your gym bag, big enough to do serious work on soft tissue.

The Baby Boomer may be half the size of its big brother the Boomstick, but it easily holds its own as a portable and powerful IASTM [Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization] tool. Coming in at 6lbs and 4oz, the Baby Boomer is milled out of solid steel and zinc plated to a smooth and durable finish. 

Purchase Baby Boomer
When we set out to make branded deadlift socks, we knew we wanted to make the best damn deadlift socks on the market. But we soon realized we know nothing about socks, or making socks. So we reached out to Strideline, a company from neighboring Seattle who has been making performance socks for over 8 years.
We really love what the guys at Strideline are all about, and we had a great time collaborating with them on this sock. After extensive testing involving much deadlifting and drinking of whiskey, we really do believe this will be the most comfortable and useful deadlift/training sock you will ever buy.
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