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Here’s 16 examples of movements that you can do with a lone Trap Bar HD, proudly manufactured here in the USA by Kabuki Strength. Click the image above to watch animated version.

Unmatched versatility and build quality, our Trap Bar HD is found in the weight rooms of dozens of the top professional and collegiate teams. This novel bar design features swappable handle brackets to allow for effective, bio-mechanically advantageous use by athletes and lifters of all sizes. 

  • NEW: Industry-first Swappable Handle Brackets for variable 23", 25", and 27" distance between handles.
  • Machined, Zinc-Plated Sleeves
  • Removable sleeves for drastically reduced (up to 75% savings) shipping cost
  • Heavy Duty Build (up to 1500lb weight capacity)
  • More compact, shorter length (reduced by 7" with increased loadable sleeve length)

The Trap Bar is still build on the same solid foundation you've come to love, including features like:

  • Built-In Bar Jack to allow easy loading/unloading of plates
  • Swappable Grips with 1" and 1.5" (included), and 2" Love Handles (optional)
  • Balanced Design for both high and low handles.
  • Open Design to allow for a variety of unilateral and carrying movements
  • Machined, full-length sleeves with signature end cap

Buy Trap Bar HD
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Co-Founder Chris Duffin is doing a big giveaway on his personal Instagram profile this week! 

Here’s how you enter to win:

  1. Follow @mad_scientist_duffin, @kabukistrength, @kabuki_virtualcoaching, @buildfastformula, @bearfootathletics on Instagram
  2. Like this post
  3. Tag two ✌️friends


  • 250k PSI Kabuki Power Bar 
  • 3 Full Months of Virtual Coaching 
  • 3x EIGHTY-20 Protein
  • 3x FullBLITZ
  • 2x VazoBLITZ
  • 2x Creatine
  • Hydromaster
  • Bearfoot Ursus
  • Bearfoot Ursus Hightop (when available)
  • Bearfoot Trainers
  • Bearfoot Protectors
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Hey there!

We wanted to take a minute to introduce ourselves through a short essay that goes through our history, what we believe, what we do, and why we do what we do. If you have the time and are curious, click below.

Thank you for supporting us in our mission to make the world a better place through strength.

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Last week both Kabuki co-founders celebrated birthdays, and of course in epic fashion! 

Chris squatted 1000lbs for 3 reps while Rudy deadlifted 500lbs on his 71st birthday.  Check out links to watch their lifts below.

Watch Rudy Pull 500lbs @ Age 71
Watch Chris Squat 1000lbs x3

Incredibly well-written, this short piece by Kabuki contributor Nathaniel Hancock will leave you motivated and provides a powerful allegorical perspective on the iron game. Link in story. Great writing Nathaniel!

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Kabuki Strength barbells are designed, engineered, prototyped, tested, and manufactured at The Lab in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Our products are engineered and produced out of a need for research-based, biomechanically-sound strength equipment for the modern athlete. We are committed to building a legacy and adding value to an industry with a long tradition of great coaches and innovators. We are proud American manufacturers of the industry’s best and most effective strength equipment.

Transformer Bar
Kadillac Bar
250k PSI Power Bar
Combo Rack HD
Trap Bar HD
Duffalo Bar
250k PSI Squat Bar
Power Rack

We're happy to announce two upcoming Principles of Loaded Movement courses later this year in the United Kingdom! Make sure to sign-up for the early bird discount program on each course page to save $100 on registration.

Dublin, Ireland

August 1-2, 2020
Saturday & Sunday: 9am-5pm
ABS Powerlifting Dublin
Unit 5 Tolka Valley Industrial Estate,
Ballyboggan Road, Glasnevin, Dublin 11 
Register for Dublin Course

Manchester, England

August 8-9, 2020
Saturday & Sunday: 9am-5pm
6 New Hall Hey Road
Rossendale, BB4 6HP, United Kingdom
Register for Manchester Course

Excited to have Kabuki contributor Dr. Corey Burt @eliteuppercervical host a FREE webinar for our clients and followers tomorrow (Thursday) at 7pm PST.

This is a live, FREE ONLINE TRAINING answering these top 5 questions athletes have about muscle imbalances. 

  1. What are they?
  2. How might they affect me?
  3. Do I have them?
  4. What caused them?
  5. How do I correct them?

This training is for you IF:

  • You played contact sports growing up
  • Muscle imbalances are holding you back in the gym
  • You modify your workout due to muscle or joint pain
  • You struggle to perfect your lifting form due to muscle imbalances
  • The solutions you’ve tried are temporary/not working.
  • You are a personal trainer/strength coach interested in learning modern science/neurology related to muscle imbalances.

Dr. Corey Burt is an upper cervical NUCCA chiropractor that specializes in helping athletes overcome muscle imbalances by tracing them back to the neck. He was fortunate enough to compete in track and field at the collegiate level, earning two all-American shot put awards. His best back squat was 670lbs, bench press was 370lbs and power clean was 345lbs.

Since graduating, Dr. Burt has remained committed to maximizing his training efforts in the gym. He continues to look for the next conceptual breakthrough to advance the fitness industry. His goal is to establish an awareness of the upper cervical spine, its proper alignment and its relationship with strength, recovery & peak athletic performance.

Watch on YouTube Live @ 7pm Thursday

(KPTV) – He’s a powerlifter with grand goals. Clackamas’ Chris Duffin has hundreds of thousands of online followers watching his daily videos and messages of inspiration and positivity. Both are what we all need more of now.  

Duffin is a dude with a mighty heavy story.

“I grew up homeless in the woods, basically with no utilities. Killing animals, foraging for food,” he said.


He found strength in putting it down as a powerful motivational tool in a best-selling book last summer entitled “The Eagle and the Dragon”.....

[click below to read more and watch segment]

Watch News Segment

Virtual Meet!

We are proud to partner with the Good Athlete Project to support the strength community during this public health crisis by donating prizes for winners of their virtual powerlifting meet! 

Thousands of athletes have lost their seasons. Though the decisions to limit group gatherings and increase social distancing are wise, they come at a price. Seasons, careers, and relationships have been cut short. In the coming weeks, student-athletes will be left with feelings of uncertainty and frustration. Sedentary isolation combined with hopelessness will have a negative ripple effect on the mental and physical health of these athletes… unless we do something!

Powerlifting Nationals 2020, a strength-based event for all athletes to bring health, hope, and community back into the lives of athletes. Powerlifting and strength-based events, filmed and submitted from a distance, might be the only sort of athletic endeavor that is safe to consider at this time.

Learn More

The Eagle and The Dragon

From Co-Founder Chris Duffin....

In my book The Eagle and the Dragon, I help guide you through a process of deep introspection - to dig out and understand your internal values and to effectively set goals in life based on those values. Is there any other way to live? The alternative involves blindly stumbling through life, passively reacting to it as it passes by with no rhyme or reason until one day it hits you like a pile of bricks that you’ve got no clue where the past 80 years went and what you did with them.

If you are willing to be ask yourself hard questions, to be diligent and put your head down…I think this book will help you.

The Eagle and The Dragon is available in paperback, hardcover, digital, and audiobook form.

Purchase Book

There are now thousands of content creators and fitness folks who have adapted to the changing circumstances are are putting out great content and ideas for at home training. One thing that I don’t see talked about a lot - and this is a core principles here at Kabuki Strength - is training with INTENT and digging deep, even in a movement as simple as an air squat. Watch this short video and make every single movement count so that when you return to the weight room, you are better prepared than when you left.

- Chris Duffin

Watch Video
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