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Newsletter #56

$10,569 Raised for Veteran's Village

Thanks to our loyal customers and supporters, we were able to make a $10,569 donation to support homeless veterans who live at Veteran's Village, a local transitional housing project in our community. We partnered with our friends at Homebuilders Foundation of Metro PDX and thanks to your support are able to support the installation of 8 more pods on site. 

A huge thanks to Kabuki Strength employees who were able to volunteer a few hours to help with needed labor on-site; leveling the pods, painting, and shoveling gravel for pathways. 

Kabuki Strength stands on 4 pillars: Equipment, Education, Coaching, and Charity. To learn more about us and our "Why", click the grey link below.

Veteran's Village

Three weeks ago we certified our inaugural class of Kabuki Strength Registered Trainers! Proud of this group for committing and excellently executing our full curriculum of courses - 6 full days and over 48 hours of intensive work to better themselves as professionals, and their clients/athletes.

The 2020 schedule is posted and we look forward to graduating the 2020 class next December!

Very proud of our team of Kabuki Strength coaches and educators who presented 12 public and several private courses all over the USA/Canada throughout 2019 while managing full client loads and being involved in numerous other important functions here at Kabuki Strength. Job well done to our coaches - Brandon, Kyle, Brady, Cassandra, Brandon, and Juan! 

View 2020 Course Schedule

We have a lot of incredible guests on this podcast, but today's conversation with Rachel Balkovec is truly a testimony of passion by an incredible woman with deep, raw introspection into her own life experiences and a hunger to live out her vision.

Rachel is a powerhouse in the strength & conditioning world; and now in professional baseball as she just signed with the Yankees to become the first full-time female hitting coach hired by a major league organization! Rachel has previously worked for the Astros and Cardinals as a S&C Coordinator and is currently wrapping up her work at Driveline Baseball, a data-driven performance training facility in Washington state. She has two graduate degrees in the science of human movement and is a life-long student, intentionally seeking out mentorship and drawing out knowledge from her experiences.

After Rachel shares an absolutely hilarious story (seriously, one of the best funny stories we've had), her and our hosts dive into a wide range of topics ranging from life and identity, to belief systems, the challenge of being a woman in a very male-dominated industry, the flow state, visualization, and of course her experiences on and off the field working as an elite-level coach. 

Rachel breaks down her value system and what drives her deep down to continue pushing and breaking new ground as an educator, coach, and human being. She discusses her background growing up in Omaha, Nebraska and the nomadic lifestyle (she's lived in 13 countries in the past 10 years) that takes her all over the world and allows her to be minimalist, nimble, and focused on her passion of learning and growing as a human and professional - wherever that may be.

You don't want to miss this one! 

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Body Tempering® inventor Donnie Thompson and his team are coming to The Lab on January 25 to present a Body Tempering Certification.


  • Tim O’Neal, PT, DPT, OMT-C, Cert. DN
  • Anthony Lavigne, PT, DPT
  • Josh Jeffery, SPT, CSCS, USAW, CF-L1, FMSC

Body Tempering® is a tool used to accelerate sport activity performance and recovery by combating soft tissue restrictions.

Body Tempering® Certification course offers you 8 hours of professional, hands-on training where you will learn:

You will learn:

  • Safety
  • Tempering techniques
  • Methods and Mechanisms
  • Baseline tests
  • Training/Lifting specific protocols
  • Advanced clinical techniques
  • Exposure to different types of Body Tempering® tools; experience using them
  • History of Body Tempering®
  • Learn how Body Tempering® is being used in the NFL, at Powerlifting competitions, in Physical Therapy clinics, in Chiropractor clinics

Also Included:

  • Comprehensive Body Tempering® manual
  • Post nominal letters: BT-C
  • Registration on National Body Tempering® Professionals Directory*
  • Inclusion in private Body Tempering® forum
  • CE credits for Physical Therapists**
  • Discount codes from some of the device manufacturers
  • Instruction from Doctors of Physical Therapy

*Upon completion of certification exam

** Alaska, Arizona. Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Register for Jan 25 Course

Kabuki Strength co-founder Chris Duffin is hosting a book reading/signing at Portland's iconic Powell's Books on January 12th at 7:15pm. We invite all of you in the Portland area to stop by on Sunday evening! Signed copies of Chris' book The Eagle and The Dragon will be available for purchase, or you can bring your own copy and have it signed. 

Book Description:

The world may know Chris Duffin as "The Mad Scientist of Strength," but you wouldn't have ever guessed that if you saw the scrawny kid skinning rattlesnakes and chasing dragonflies in the early '80s. The story of his unconventional life will take you from gripping tales of murder, trauma, heartbreak, and survival deep in the Pacific Northwest wilderness all the way to an idealization of the self-made man--still flawed, but never broken.

In The Eagle and the Dragon, you'll follow one man's journey into the darkness of his own heart and witness the transformation of alcoholism, pain, and defeat into vision, character, and victory. Through Chris's powerful self-realization, you'll see how the human spirit can be either shackled by circumstance or freed from it.

Strength and Reinvention: the Eagle and the Dragon. Are you ready to walk through the fire and make your vision a reality?

This book will show you how.

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Kabuki Strength friend and world-renowned coach/bodybuilder John Meadows utilizes the Kadillac Bar to bench press safely and pain free. 

In this 5 minute video, John discusses his own issues with pressing and the features/functions of the Kadillac Bar that allow for a lower risk of injury and painless bench movement pattern, particularly for those prone to issues with a traditional straight bar.

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Unlike a traditional straight bar, the handle position on trap bars is fixed. A 125lb teenager wouldn’t position his/her hands in the same place on a straight bar as a 300lb powerlifter, yet we overlook this stark difference in positioning when it comes to trap/hex bars.


Our new Trap Bar HD features swappable handle brackets to allow for effective, bio-mechanically advantageous use by athletes and lifters of all sizes. When you order, you will have the choice of narrow (23”), standard (25”), or wide (27”) brackets, as well as the ability to purchase additional ones. Of course, the bar still features swappable grips (comes standard with 1” and 1.5”) and our 2” rolling/fixed Love Handles are available as an upgrade.

In addition, the updated version of the bar features machined, zinc-plated sleeves which are detachable for reduced (up to 75% less) shipping costs. Of course, our stamped Squat Face end-caps come standard, along with a beefier, more refined 30kg design and 1500lb load capacity. 


Updates and New Features:

  • NEW: Industry-first Swappable Handle Brackets for variable 23", 25", and 27" distance between handles.
  • Machined, Zinc-Plated Sleeves
  • Removable sleeves for drastically reduced (up to 75% savings) shipping cost
  • Heavy Duty Build (up to 1500lb weight capacity)
  • More compact, shorter length (reduced by 7" with increased loadable sleeve length)

The Trap Bar is still build on the same solid foundation you've come to love, including features like:

  • Built-In Bar Jack to allow easy loading/unloading of plates
  • Swappable Grips with 1" and 1.5" (included), and 2" Love Handles (optional)
  • Balanced Design for both high and low handles.
  • Open Design to allow for a variety of unilateral and carrying movements
  • Machined, full-length sleeves with signature end cap
Shop Trap Bar HD

We're proud to announce our upcoming course schedule for calendar year 2020. Building on the solid foundation from this year, we are bringing our Principles of Loaded Movement and Advanced Athlete Preparation courses to new cities across the US, Canada, and the EU (city/date TBD). 

Our curriculum is composed of 3 courses - Principles of Loaded Movement, Advanced Athlete Prep, and our capstone Coaches Certification at the end of the year. 

We invite you to look through our course pages, learn more, and feel free to reply to this email if you have any questions. For group rates please email

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MyoRok Price Reduced to $119.99

The MyoRök is our latest IASTM Tool, designed with clinical input and made of a high strength stainless steel, laser cut and polished to a perfect edge finish.

The tool features multiple internal and external radii, a micro-fascial point, and a beautiful polished double bevel. It's edge is finished to a perfect .060" radius. Get it now at a reduced price of $119.99

Purchase MyoRök

Watch this cornerstone video to learn why almost all shoes are bio-mechanically flawed in their design and function. Kabuki Strength co-founder Chris Duffin talks with Dr. Ray McClanahan DPM (Doctor of Podiatric Medicine) from NW Foot & Ankle and inventor of Correct Toes as he demonstrates what your foot looks like inside one of these shoes that 99.9% of people wear and why this is harmful to your performance.

More content to come on this topic, but for now keep in mind these 5 negative characteristics in a shoe:

  1. Arch Support
  2. High Heel
  3. Narrow Toe Box
  4. Very Stiff
  5. Toe Spring
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