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Newsletter #57

Last week, Kabuki Strength co-founder and the Mad Scientist of Strength Chris Duffin squatted a monumental 1000lbs for 2 reps. As far as we know, he is the first person in history to double 1000lbs his first time squatting that amount of weight. 

What makes this feat even more impressive is that this was a training session, and not the end goal. Chris has publicly announced his goal of squatting 1000lbs for 3 (or more) reps at the IHRSA convention in San Diego in March:

"I plan to squat 1000x3 this coming March at the IHRSA show in San Diego. This will be the conclusion of my Grand Goals campaign when combined with my nearly 3 reps at a 1000lbs deadlift a few years ago. It will be done just a few weeks shy of my 43rd birthday and also be my final “feat of strength”. This is a culmination of over 30 years of training and working with some of the best minds in the world on rehab/prehab, recovery and training modalities. I couldn’t even attempt this without the knowledge and support of the Kabuki Strength Team who are directly responsible for managing my training, recovery, and much more. Wish me luck and I hope you’ll follow along as I train to squat 1000lbs for a triple."

We hope that you'll folow along with Chris' training as he prepares for this last stage of his #GrandGoals campaign. Stay tuned for more information - and yes, this event will be live-streamed for all to watch! 

Watch 1000lb x2 Squat
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Hit the link button below for a new research review article by Kabuki contributor Daniel DeBrocke on effective treatment for low back pain. Incredibly well written piece of about 3300 words with over 40 citations.

If you are interested in being a Kabuki contributor for written content, please email

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Very excited to hear that Kabuki Strength Advisory Board member and world-renowned clinician Dr. Craig Liebenson's new clinical textbook - Rehabilitation of the Spine: A Patient-Centered Approach - has been released! We're honored to have some of our equipment featured and used throughout the book! To learn more and purchase, hit the link below. Great work Dr. Liebenson! 

Dr. Craig Liebenson, D.C. is the founder of First Principles of Movement, and author of Rehabilitation of the Spine (2007) & The Functional Training Handbook (2014). He provides educational courses for trainers and rehab specialists, in cities around the world. He is also the Founder and Director of LA Sport & Spine, providing pain management, rehabilitation, & performance enhancement through one-on-one musculoskeletal care. 

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Kabuki Advisory Board

Chris Duffin visited Kabuki friend Mark "Smelly" Bell a few weeks ago down at SuperTraining Gym. For those who don't know, Chris and Mark go way back and one of the first pieces of strength equipment Chris ever made - a monolift called the "Superlift" was for Mark's original SuperTraining gym! 

On this trip, Chris and Mark filmed a ton of educational content and an awesome episode of The Power Project. Links to everything below! 

Bracing 101
Power Project Podcast
Rooting and Your Feet
Squat Demo and Live Q&A

Check out this testimonial by a customer of our first ever product, The ShouldeRok™. This tool was designed to increase shoulder strength, core stability, rotational strength, proper spinal position and shoulder mobility/function. 

This product is designed to help:

  1. Retrain your nervous system to ensure a stable, braced, neutral spinal position for maximal and safe performance under a heavy load.
  2. Improve scapular and overall shoulder mobility, especially for athletes with impingement due to years of wear and poor movement.
  3. Increase rotational strength and athleticism in pulsing (speed to contraction and speed to relaxation).
  4. Reinforce correct breathing to further support spinal bracing for ALL heavy lifts and movements that require transfer of power from the ground into an implement (ball, bat, club, etc) - You cannot use the ShouldeRok correctly w/o setting up properly, in this sense it is a tool that reinforces a principle required of all athletes - power transfer through the core.
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How It's Made: The Duffalo Bar

Big thanks to @immortalbarbell for this hilarious graphic! Click here to view original post.

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Introducing the ultimate self-use IASTM tool: small enough to throw in your gym bag, big enough to do serious work on soft tissue.

The Baby Boomer may be half the size of its big brother the Boomstick, but it easily holds its own as a portable and powerful IASTM [Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization] tool. Coming in at 6lbs and 4oz, the Baby Boomer is milled out of solid steel and zinc plated to a smooth and durable finish. 

It features the same contoured end popularized by the Boomstick and allows for precise soft tissue work either as a self-use tool, or by another person. This precise radius is one of the things that sets the Baby Boomer, Boomstick, and PainPill apart from many other tools on the market, and makes it a favorite of clinicians, body workers, and athletes worldwide.

There are countless self-use functions for the Baby Boomer, and we identified a few of them in a a two-part infographic you can see if you scroll down. 

The middle of the tool is knurled with the same knurl type popularized by the Boomstick and PainPill, allowing for a shearing effect on the skin and providing a strong grip to the user.

Like all of our equipment, the Baby Boomer is manufactured in house at Kabuki Strength Lab using American steel.

Why the name "Baby Boomer"? Well, we asked our community to help us name this new tool and out of over 1100 submissions we thought this one was most fitting!  

Baby Boomer - $89.99

The Duffalo Bar by Kabuki Strength is the specialty bar of choice for pro and collegiate teams, strength coaches, and serious athletes worldwide. 

(Discussion starts around 1:00) Excellent video by our friend @marksmellybell discussing his experiences and use of the world’s most popular specialty bar - the #DuffaloBar.

Here’s some info on how I utilize this speciality bar and box squats quite often. Check the video for details. But the short of it is the bars are a great change up from what your currently doing. The change may be the variation you need plus it makes it more fun to mix it up. #squats #chrisduffin @mad_scientist_duffin #boxsquats

Watch Video
Duffalo Bar

The Boomstick

This new product was developed by our product engineers at Kabuki Strength in conjunction with World Famous Strength Coach, Donnie Thompson. The Boomstick is an IASTM, or Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization tool and is best used individually or with a teammate to diffuse and break up muscle/adhesive tissue. This highly-anaerobic tool allows for myofascial release to be done in seconds instead of hours. A 19.5 lb. high-grade steel tool; the Boomstick is a highly-effective tool for athletes, clinicians, and lifters alike.

Purchase Boomstick
When we set out to make branded deadlift socks, we knew we wanted to make the best damn deadlift socks on the market. But we soon realized we know nothing about socks, or making socks. So we reached out to Strideline, a company from neighboring Seattle who has been making performance socks for over 8 years.
We really love what the guys at Strideline are all about, and we had a great time collaborating with them on this sock. After extensive testing involving much deadlifting and drinking of whiskey, we really do believe this will be the most comfortable and useful deadlift/training sock you will ever buy.
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We are now accepting applicants for a Coaching position with Kabuki Strength. This is a full-time, salaried position and the chosen candidate must relocate to Portland, Oregon to work alongside our professional team of experienced and skilled coaches/educators at @kabukistrengthlab. Coaches on our current staff have experience in strength sports, nutrition, martial arts, massage therapy, physical therapy, and collegiate sports. We will be adding to our growing team and are interested in candidates who share some of the current expertise of our staff but, who can also add new skills and areas of expertise to our team.

Candidates who have professional experience writing strength training programs, correcting movement patterns, writing nutrition plans and experience public speaking will likely be top candidates. Other ideal qualities are individuals who work well in a team environment, can be a self-starter, and have experience in Microsoft Excel. We will be looking to hire a new coach around the beginning of March.

Please send resumes to with the subject line “Application for Strength Coach” and in the email answer the two questions below.

  1. Why are you interested in our company?
  2. What value will you bring to our coaching staff?
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