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Newsletter #55

Stainless Steel MyoRök

The MyoRök is our latest IASTM Tool, designed with clinical input and made of a high strength stainless steel, laser cut and polished to a perfect edge finish.

You may notice that the MyoRök's 2.25 pound weight is heavier than similar tools - this increased mass allows for improved edge control and less strain on the wrist.

The tool features multiple internal and external radii, a micro-fascial point, and a beautiful polished double bevel. It's edge is finished to a perfect .060" radius.

Another unique feature and industry first of the MyoRök is it's ability to mount to the ShoulderRök for further self-use applications - especially useful for individuals with limited mobility.

Purchase MyoRök for $119

The Kadillac Bar is the latest offering from our team of engineers and educators, and it has quickly found its way into the weightrooms of countless professional and collegiate teams as a staple barbell for athletes who need to bench press safely and effectively.

In this video, Chris Duffin takes a look a the physics behind the Kadillac Bar's primary features and discusses it's advantages over a standard swiss/football bar.

  • Cambered the same angle as the Duffalo Bar for increased range of motion.
  • Machined Sleeves allow the use of regular barbell collars and include our signature end caps.
  • 10°, 12.5°, and 15° grip angles promote optimal, stacked joint position and improve movement mechanics.
  • Useable in both standard and reverse grip positions.
  • Plated sleeves and powder-coated center for durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Removable sleeves to reduce shipping cost.
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Today's episode is a fascinating discussion with sleep expert Nick Lambe - The Online Sleep Coach. Sleep is a topic that is equally important to all humans, particularly performance and strength athletes. We all have different relationships with sleep, some positive and some negative. 

Listen in as Nick discusses the physiological and psychological processes behind healthy sleep, how supplementation (stimulants, sleep aids, THC/CBD, etc) work and affect sleep, and the difference between quality and quantity of sleep. He discusses the importance of habit and environment to sleep quality, sleep hygiene, as well as recent research on sleep. A great listen for all sleepers! 

You can follow Nick on Instagram @theonlinesleepcoach or online at where you can learn more about his sleep coaching services. 

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Driveline Baseball Studies Duffalo Bar

We are pumped to have the incredible team at Driveline Baseball study the Duffalo Bar! Check out their post caption below for more information.

"Beginning a new study comparing the kinematics and kinetics during a near maximal loaded back squat using @kabukistrengthlab Duffalo bar vs a regular bar. The Duffalo Bar proprietary bend is said to encourage proper joint centration and reduces rotational demand on the shoulder. It is also said to improve scapular retraction and lat engagement in the press and squat. In this study It is possible that the bend of the bar can make it more comfortable to use for overhead athletes if there is compromised shoulder range of motion present. Stay tuned for the results of the study! 📈 👀 Credit: @rachel.balkovec @s_medick"

Duffalo Bar
Driveline Baseball

Training to Break the 2650 mile Pacific Coast Trail World Record

Becky Rogers @the_phoenix_running is an ultra-marathoner training to run the 2650 mile Pacific Coast Trail and set the fastest time for any human, ever! She is an absolute legend and we were thrilled to have her join Coach Kyle and Chris at the BioForce Conditioning Coach Course where they presented a few weeks ago. Becky uses IASTM tools like the Boomstick to help her recover from her intense training.
"450 miles is a long ways to run. Anyone who has ventured into the multi hundred mile running event knows that the name of the game is RECOVERY. I was fortunate to have met the guys from @kabukistrengthlab this past weekend at @coachjoeljamieson BioForce Conditioning Coach conference. The recovery techniques (including the
Boomstick seen here) @young_strength_165 and Chris Duffin shared will help me in my upcoming Oregon run as well as the 2650 mile long PCT Record attempt next June. Thank you Kabuki and Joel! Check out all the cool recovery tools, online library and more at"

Learn More about Becky
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We recently had the honor to outfit a Special Operations unit with a full lineup of Kadillac Bars, Transformer Bar, and a dozen (anti-fragile) belts by @pioneer_fit. We are a proud to manufacture our equipment right here in these United States and to supply our military with the best of the best. #AmericanManufacturing
If you are interested in outfitting your unit (military/police/fire) with @kabukistrengthlab equipment, please contact Charlie Ritchie via email at 

Tactical, Team, and Facility Sales

IASTM Tools like the PainPill, Boomstick, Baby Boomer, and MyoRok are IN STOCK and ready to ship! 

Shop 19lb Boomstick
Shop 44lb Pain Pill
Shop MyoRok
Shop 6lb Baby Boomer

For those who aren't familiar, all of our educational content is available in an indexed, searchable video library! 

This includes all the free content you see us post on Instagram or YouTube, as well as hundreds of private videos on various topics related to human movement, strength training, technique, cueing, IASTM and soft-tissue modalities, and more! Videos can be saved to a custom playlist, as well as "cast" via AirPlay or Chromecast. 

A subscription to the video library costs $10.99 per month, or $99.99 per year. 

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The Tactical ShouldeRök

Introducing the Tactical ShouldeRök - a breakdown, premium version of the popular Shoulderok we released to much acclaim over 4 years ago.

This is a tool primarily designed for athletes (amateur to professional), coaches and practitioners. As a precision loadable tool, the ShouldeRök™ when used correctly will increase strength, mobility, and continuously reinforce our need for core stabilization.

Purchase Tactical ShouldeRök
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Message from Chris:

Interested in picking up the Audiobook version of The Eagle and the Dragon for free and listening to yours truly read it?

Amazon has a pretty sweet promo for new Audible members where your first month is free, you get your first two audiobooks for free (plus another two Amazon original audiobooks), and I get a referral bonus if you stay an Audible member for at least 2 months (61 days to be exact). You actually will also get another free Audiobook plus 2 more Amazon Originals each month, as long as you are a member. The best part is that after you cancel, you keep all the audiobooks.

Full disclosure: it’s a benefit to me if you sign up through the link below. If any of you have wanted to start listening to audiobooks but haven’t made an Audible account yet, here’s your perfect chance! Thanks for the continued support.

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