This week our co-founder Chris Duffin's new book is published, available worldwide on Amazon for $1.99 as a digital download this week only!
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Hey folks,

Chris here from Kabuki Strength. I'm honored and proud to be able to share with you my first published book - The Eagle and The Dragon, available today on Amazon worldwide. This week only the digital Kindle-version is on sale for $1.99. Paperback and hardcover versions are also available!

For those of you who don’t know my past, I grew up very poor in the wilderness of Northern California and Oregon, living as an outcast in rundown shacks or whatever other shelter we could find. This book is my story of strength and reinvention - a memoir and an exposition of my vision and philosophy in life.

The Eagle and the Dragon is much more than just my autobiography - it’s a tool for self-reflection. The book urges you, the reader, to draw out true vision and goals out of life. It asks hard questions and challenges you with stories, lessons, and psychological tools to begin the monumental work of self-reinvention.

I hope you enjoy this book and I deeply desire for each and every one of you to live a life of vision and strength. 

Thank you,
Chris Duffin

PS. If you are considering purchasing my book, buying it this week rather than later would help out in a huge way with it's ranking on the Amazon Best Seller lists, as the rankings are based on sales over a period of time. As an added bonus, it's only $1.99 this week! Thank you again.

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  Kindle Price: $1.99  This week only.  

The Weekly Roundup

Hey folks! For those of you not on the 'Gram, here's a weekly roundup of our recent educational posts! Tap any of the links below to see/watch that post (even if you don't have Instagram) and read the caption! 

  1. The Vise Method - Calves
  2. Lecture: Destroying the Paradigm of What Makes a "Functional Bench Press"
  3. Thoracic Mobility with Neural Tensioning​
  4. Lecture: Setting Life Goals
  5. Boomstick Self-Use Guide
  6. Crocodile Breathing
  7. Glute and Adductor Relationship to Extension and Hip Health
  8. Quick Fix for Neck Pain: Working with Baby Boomer + AcuBall
  9. The Scapula Needs to Move in the Bench Press
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This is our flagship and most popular Virtual Coaching service. Weekly Virtual Coaching includes comprehensive assessment and engagement to promote the best possible coach/athlete relationship. Our team has spent years building systems and processes to help optimize and provide the best possible feedback and direction forward week to week using various methods of autoregulation, frequent feedback, and video analysis. We view this coaching as a long-term athletic development process, not just a 12-week program to peak you for a meet. This means we’re devoted to the holistic picture of helping you to improve in the direction of your specific goals and approaching them from all possible angles to help you to the greatest degree possible.

Something that sets us apart from other coaching services is that we are exactly that, a coaching service. This is not a template or even just an individual program. Our goal is long-term development of the individual and we try to cover all the bases for that as it relates to training. In addition to receiving an updated training program weekly, you will also be given a movement plan at the beginning and as needed later which gives technical cues to work on based on video analysis, and corrective drills to begin to address faults in technique. This helps us ensure we’re developing movement quality in conjunction with other athletic qualities to help optimize not only your performance but also longevity.

Remote coaching has some unique obstacles not present during tradition in-person coaching. Most challenges revolve around communication which is why we’ve created systems to manage multiple communicatory paths. We combine the objective information provided in your training log with the subjective information provided in your weekly check-ins to decide what needs updated and ultimately to determine how effective the training is. Ultimately, once you become part of the Kabuki Strength Team you become the most important person to us. Your goals become our goals and we only have your best interest in mind.

If you'd like to learn more, sign-up for a free strategy call with a coach at the "Learn More" button below.

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Dr. Liebenson is the Director of L.A. Sports & Spine, a pain management, rehabilitation & performance enhancement center providing one on one musculoskeletal care. He is an Adjunct Professor in the School of Chiropractic, Division of Health Sciences at Murdoch University, Perth Australia and consultant for the the Anglo-European Chiropratic College M.Sc. programs in Chiropractic Rehabilitation. The first ever chiropractic member of the McKenzie Institute (U.S.) Board of Directors he serves on the editorial boards of numerous journals including the Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation; the PM&R Journal of Injury, Function and Rehabilitation; the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapy; and Journal of Manual Therapy.

Dr. Liebenson is the first health care provider in California to receive a Certification of Recognition from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) on Achievement of Recognition for Delivery of Quality Back Pain Care. He is actively engaged in ongoing research on the spinal stabilization system as a Visiting Scholar at Pr. Stuart McGill’s Spine Biomechanics Laboratory at the University of Waterloo. He began studying with both Dr. Karel Lewit and Pr Vladimir Janda beginning in 1987 and began hosting Pavel Kolar’s programs in the late 1990’s.

Dr. Liebenson publishes extensively and is the editor of the book/DVD Rehabilitation of the Spine: A Practioner’s Manual (2nd ed), 2007, DVD series Yoga & Ergonomics; Core Stability Training; & Functional-Performance Training and the The Functional Training Handbook (2014). He has had books published into Spanish, Greek, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. He worked as team chiropractor for the N.B.A. Los Angeles Clippers from 2005-2009, consulted with the M.L.B. Arizona Diamondbacks, N.F.L. Seattle Seahawks, and Boston Sports Medicine and Performance Group. He serves on the Advisory Council for Equinox worldwide luxury fitness gyms.

Dr. Liebenson’s work with Dr. Karl Lewit and Dr. Pavel Kolar have heavily influenced our core understanding of spine health and performance as it relates to movement under load. Kabuki Strength co-founder has previously been a guest lecturer at Dr. Liebenson’s First Principles of Movement course. You can listen to a Strength Chat podcast episode with Dr. Liebenson here.

Advisory Board

We are surrounded by heroes everyday and everywhere we go. As a company, we honor and support those who put their lives on the line to protect us. All active duty or veteran military personnel and first responders (Police, Fire, EMT) are welcome to use our hero discount to save 11% on their order. There is no discount validation because we trust that our customers are honorable, and those of you who shouldn’t use this discount, don’t. Thank you to those who serve; we are forever indebted to you.

11% off code: MPFEMS11

The BarAux

BarAux is a simple bar attachment accessory allowing for convenient and efficient use of training aids such as bands and chains. The BarAux ™ slides onto a barbell sleeve like a regular plate, and sits flush against the sleeve collar.


  • BarAux is sold as a pair (2x pieces)
  • Laser cut to a tight tolerance so that it can slide onto a standard olympic sleeve with a snug fit, preventing movement and bar damage
  • Only 1cm thick and sits flush against sleeve collar
  • A slight +10° up angle on the peg prevents bands from slipping off due to slippage and horizontal forces
  • Easily swap bands for different lifters
  • Attach chains using standard carabiner or hooks 
  • Black oxide plated for corrosion resistance
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The Trap Bar Review

Coop over at had the chance to put The Trap Bar through an in-depth review, and he just published the results! Click the link to read the full review.

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Virtual Coaching client Havvy Ehrich featured on KGW News

The local news stopped by @kabukistrengthlab for a feature on Havvy, who recently competed at IPF Worlds in Sweden! We are incredibly proud of @_havster_lifts making her first worlds team and taking home 🥇in the Bench 🥈 in Deadlift 🥉 overall!

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Saturday, August 3 @ 2pm

Kabuki Strength Lab

Kabuki Strength Lab invites you for a fun afternoon to celebrate the launch of our co-founder Chris Duffin’s new book - The Eagle and the Dragon. There will be a short book reading, good BBQ, Bourbon, a Last Man Standing Deadlift (with prizes), and lots of friendly faces to have a great time with! More details on the deadlift event to follow - just come ready to PR :)

The $30 online gets you in the door and full access to food, drinks, deadlifts, and good times! If tickets are still available, they will be $40 at the door on the day of the event.

The $60 option includes a signed hardcover copy of The Eagle and the Dragon, addressed to you (or whoever you wish).  The signed copy will be mailed to you after the event, as we won’t have hard covers available from the printer by the event date.

Limited Spots Available. 

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