Anna Palmer makes news as the first female general partner at Flybride, Jon Solomon of the Aspen Institute speaks to the importance of letting kids be kids, and Birkenstock sends a message.
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Jon Solomon, Aspen Institute

Loving Sports Like a Kid Again

"We have, as adults, already, we had our time. We can still play sports, but this is their (the kids) experience.  So let's listen to them. Let's ask them 'What drills do you like to do at practices? What's most beneficial? What's enjoyable? What position do you maybe want to play?' And we can try you out and work you out. 'What's working? What's not working?' Make it fun. The number one reason kids want to play sports is to have fun."

Chad Capellman spoke with Jon Solomon, Editorial Director, Sports & Society Program at the Aspen Institute. Jon talked about the transition away from a sportswriting career, and the important work done in general by the Aspen Institute, and in particular in the Sports and Society Program. Jon spoke of some enduring take-aways from the recently completed Project Play Summit, and as kind enough to offer some thoughtful, first-person insights into how parents can better equip themselves to best support their children’s approach to playing sports.

David Knies and Anna Palmer

Palmer Becomes Flybridge's First Female General Partner

“First thing I look for is what I would consider founder superpower, and having a super power that relates directly to the business that they’re building.”

David Knies breaks the news that guest Anna Palmer has joined Boston’s Flybridge Capital Partners as its first-ever female General Partner. Anna is a Harvard Law graduate who chose to follow her passion for entrepreneurial adventures instead of a law career. She has been the co-founder of luxury reseller Fashion Project, women-owned business marketplace Dough, and X-Factor Ventures, a fund focused exclusively on female founders. They discuss Anna’s infinite curiosity, encouraged by her parents, her reasons for choosing a different path, her approach to investing at Flybridge will be, and how to close the gap in venture funding for female founders.


Birkenstock limited edition Arizona sandal

Damn, Birkenstock Flips the Script

Yahoo Lifestyle reports on Birkenstock teaming up with Lingua Franca to create a new limited-edition version of its Arizona sandal that features the phrase “give a damn” embroidered on the side of the smooth leather straps — the first time Birkenstock has applied a script embroidered treatment to its most iconic style. Listen to our previous conversation with David at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Denver, Co. where he talks about how the company embraced who they are as a brand and how they connect with consumers. 

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