We're kicking off the new year right, featuring conversations with Jessica Anselmi, Head of Marketing at online plant retailer The Sill and Jeffrey Scott, VP of Fitness, Nutrition and Results at Beachbody.
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Jessica Anselmi, Head of Marketing at online plant retailer The Sill

Rooted in a Culture of 'Yes'

“There’s no real recipe for being able to create a culture of innovation. It’s very unique to every organization. I would say every company has its own beat, its own pace. Some innovation is more the lifeblood of the organization than others. And it’s just a matter of having that investment and innovation come, not only bottom up, but also top down.”

David Knies is joined by Jessica Anselmi, Head of Marketing at online plant retailer The Sill. Prior to becoming part of the leadership team at The Sill, Jessica led innovation teams at Dunkin’ Brands and Panera Bread, and worked in PR with a number of leading agencies focused on corporate social responsibility. They discuss working within big established brands and adjusting to the culture of a high-growth, venture-backed start-up. 


Jeffrey Scott, VP of Fitness, Nutrition and Results at Beachbody

Many Ways to Catch the Wave

“I’m on YouTube and I’m on Instagram and I’m looking at influencers and just staying abreast of what’s happening in the industry. And it always kills me when I see these people who are just doing one crazy ridiculous exercises that don’t really do anything for anybody.”

Nicole spoke with to Jeffrey Scott, VP of fitness, nutrition, and results at Beachbody. Beachbody represents the complete package for its community offering comprehensive programs that are meant to progress you through a carefully curated calendar of workouts and nutritional plans, all supported by personalized coaching. They talked about BeachBody's science-based approach, its modalities of programming, the importance of community in fitness + BodGroups and even iconic programs like P90X and Insanity.


Yeezy's low-top model, the 350

Regarding Scale, Yeezy Does It

GQ reports on the evolution of the Yeezy brand and how its long-term plans are now bearing fruit. "In hindsight, the multiyear evolution provides a striking example of how you build a sustainable sneaker brand in 2021."

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A Merger for the History Books

The Washington Post reports on MLB's decision to recognize the statistics of the Negro Leagues and how Negro Leagues Baseball Museum President Bob Kendrick welcomes the move. In a wide-ranging recent conversation we had with Tyrone Brooks, Senior Director, Front Office and Field Staff Diversity Pipeline Program at Major League Baseball we spoke about the importance of recognizing the Negro Leagues as it passed its 100th anniversary. “In order to know where you’re headed," said Brooks "you need to know where you’ve been."


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