Kim Ng became the first woman and East Asian MLB GM. Prior to the announcement, we spoke with Tyrone Brooks, Senior Director of the Field Staff Diversity Program at MLB and founder of the Baseball Industry Network.
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Tyrone Brooks

A Career of Diverse Experiences That Drives Him to Open Doors

"When the Moneyball book came into play, it really opened up, where all these different people that might normally have not even thought about baseball as a career option, all of a sudden wanted to work in baseball and thought it was cool to do it. And all of a sudden it brought so much more demand in terms of people wanting to break into the industry."

In a conversation prior to the end of the World Series, Chad Capellman interviews Tyrone Brooks, Senior Director of the Field Staff Diversity Program at MLB. After twenty years moving up the ladder working as a scout and in the front office for the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Cleveland Indians, and a formative decade with the Atlanta Braves, Tyrone talks about his current role working on diversity initiatives for Major League Baseball, about giving back and the growth of the 30,000-plus-member Baseball Industry Network on LinkedIn

He also talks about ways MLB has adjusted to Covid-19, the importance of marking the 100th anniversary of the Negro Leagues and reminisces with Chad about a college adventure that kind of involved Bill Clinton and the NCAA men's basketball tournament.


Miami Marlins @Marlins Making history by bringing a lifetime of excellence, Kim Ng steps to the helm as GM. #JuntosMiami

As a Ceiling Shatters, an Outpouring of Emotion

Stories like this week's about the historic hiring of Kim Ng to become the first woman general manager of an MLB team and the first MLB GM of East Asian descent, are the moments Tyrone and his colleagues work so hard for. While there's been a slew of coverage, we recommend checking out this Sports Illustrated piece on the range of reactions to the news and its impact on people both inside the sport and those on the outside looking to get in. Our favorite reactions: “She’s just f------ earned it." Reading about it in Sports Illustrated would bring things full circle, given the prediction made in SI that's featured in this tweet.

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