We talk about the art of standing out with round21 founder Jasmine Maietta, the need for understanding in personalization with Onyx co-founder Asaf Avidan Antonir, and the value of authentic experiences in a remembrance of former Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh.
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Jasmine Maietta

Why Standing Out is the
​New Standard in Sport

“We believe that what makes the world remarkable is the diaspora of backgrounds and the feeling that we all have something unusual and uncommon to bring to the culture that we are a part of. So we want to make it acceptable to be your own self versus making acceptance, conforming to what other people expect of you.”

David Knies speaks with his friend and former colleague, Jasmine Maietta. Jasmine’s career spans professional sports, education, and marketing leadership roles for leading brands Peloton, Under Armour, Hasbro and Reebok. Today, Jasmine is the founder of round21, an art-inspired sports brand that celebrates the creativity within each individual – starting with ping pong and basketball.

Jasmine shares the unique path she took to become an entrepreneur and her Superpowers of lifelong learning, creative expression and consumer connection that have been core to her success. They discuss how standing out is the new standard in sport, and how it can paradoxically create a more inclusive team culture and environment. Jasmine is motivated by knowing art is an expression of human belief and personal creativity.

Asaf Avidan Antonir

Putting Understanding at the Center of Personalization

“We think that the social aspect of fitness is so important so we really wanted to include that leaderboard. And obviously, when you’re on a mobile experience, it might be difficult to show the leaderboard and the video and the metrics and all of these things. And so we really give you the flexibility to see what it is that you want.”

Nicole spoke with Asaf Avidan Antonir, co-founder of Onyx, an app that tracks your movement through the use of your phone from the entirety of your workout. The app provides you with real-time coaching around your personal performance movement, execution, alignment, and much more. Asaf talks about how their technology looks to solve for the one-dimensional coaching that is typically experienced in an on-demand setting.


More than a Store: Remembering a Man Committed to Creating Great Experiences

Tony Hsieh

The recent death of former Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh sent shockwaves through multiple communities. Forbes has an article titled "How Tony Hsieh Built Zappos - In His Own Words" The man who was known for revolutionizing customer service as a critical part of a company's brand identity understood people in ways large and small. Case in point: Author, curator and current head of NYC's Media Lab, Steve Rosenbaum, shared this image with Tony, along with the caption: "At SxSW, 2012 ... we were standing in the TechSet lounge, and he called me over. 'Let's take a picture' he said. Then, without explanation - he put a coffee cup on my head. 'Why?' I asked him. He grinned. 'Because, you'll never forget it.' Of course, he was right."

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