We intend this newsletter to serve as a collection of what's down the road, what's in the rear view mirror, signposts along the way and re-connections with past guests. We hope you find it informative and enjoyable.
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First things first. We want to send a sincere thank you for subscribing to our first of many newsletters! As some of you know SLN has been a journey, and one that we want to bring people along for. We intend this newsletter to serve as a collection of what's down the road, what's in the rear view mirror, signposts along the way and re-connections with past guests. We hope you find it informative and enjoyable. 


Former UCLA Coach Valorie Kondos Field

Definitions of 'Winning'

"Change will not happen unless parents really start seeing the damage that a win-at-all-costs culture is doing to their children."

In this episode, Laurenn Cutshaw interviews Valorie Kondos Field, also known as Miss Val, the former Head Coach of the UCLA women’s gymnastics team. During her 29-year career, she led the Bruins to seven NCAA championship titles and 18 Pac-12 championship titles. Miss Val is a published author, speaker, breast cancer survivor, and faculty member at UCLA, where she teaches transformative coaching. Miss Val and Laurenn dive into her philosophy on coaching and leadership, definitions of winning and success, and the impact of COVID on college sports, and more.


Albert Hal NBA Summer League Co-Founder

HallPass President Albert Hall

“The physical well-being is one thing, but the emotional toll and that psychological conditioning is really what they’re going to go through.”

Albert Hall, President of HallPass Media and Vice President of Business Operations at the Samsung NBA Summer League talks about how NBA players are going to feel in the bubble in Orlando, Adidas Nations, and his favorite memories bringing the NBA Summer League to Las Vegas.

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Jay Schroeder

Understanding the Evo Code

"You must be willing to sacrifice to the same level you wish to achieve. And we all talk about things that we want to reach, and it goes for pro athletes and it goes for the 85 or 90 year old man or woman."

Jay Schroeder, creator of The Evolution Code, was paralyzed from the chest down early on which led him on a path to curing his own paralysis. Jay has been perfecting his nervous system training over 40 years. Jay spoke about the origins of EVO, shared a few examples of how MLB’s Stephen Strasburg and NHL’s Matt Barzal use EVO to perform better, and how focusing on training any individual muscle is flat out wrong. From paralysis to being the only non-team employee to get a world series ring in 2019 from the Washington Nationals, Jay has made his mark on athlete training.


Gene McCarthy

Chasing 4 - Gene McCarthy

"So I told Michael, I said, so here’s our distribution strategy. We’re going to cut about 50% of the distribution in the United States. And I got a look from this terrifically handsome yet intimidating man.”

Gene McCarthy, who until last year was the President & CEO of ASICS America, shares moments from his long and storied career that included stops at Nike, Reebok and Under Armor. Gene spoke with us about the current market landscape and also he shares with us one of his favorite Michael Jordan stories from the late 90’s. Be sure to listen to the end when Gene shares a big announcement about the Sport Lifestyle Network!


Hyperice Keeping Busy

Three stories on Hyperice have gotten our attention recently:

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Anne Mahlum

Doing COVID Right

(From Utah Business): "When COVID-19 struck, Anne Mahlum, founder and CEO of studio fitness company [solidcore], and her team immediately began to provide online workout classes. The willingness to confront the reality of the situation and temporarily close all in-person studio classes, and to move to an online platform, instilled trust with [solidcore]’s customers. As [solidcore] begins to carefully reopen many of their fitness studios, the trust built online has been critical." (We spoke with Anne Mahlum on  S1:E18 of the Sport Lifestyle Podcast)


Image by Monika Andersson from Pixabay

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