Asaf Avidan Antonir, Co-Founder of Onyx talks about how their proprietary algorithms are giving them an edge in personalizing the fitness experience.
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Asaf Avidan Antonir

Mass improvement by Crowd-sourcing Self-improvement

“Real-world data really helps us perfect our tracking models across different scenarios, across different backgrounds, and different body types. So really that’s the advantage that we have being longer in this space. Also by being this direct to consumer product where we have hundreds of thousands of people using the product every time somebody does a workout, we’re collecting data that helps us improve.”

John Peters spoke with Asaf Avidan Antonir, the Co-Founder of Onyx, the World’s Smartest Digital Trainer and Workout App. Asaf spoke about how Onyx is connecting consumers through fitness during Covid, how their proprietary algorithms are giving them an edge in personalizing the fitness experience, and why the gym of the future looks more like Amazon Go than it does Peloton. Asaf also spoke about the upcoming Fitness and Active Brand Summit on November 17 where he is speaking alongside the CEOs of Tonal and Liteboxer. 


A Commodore Commands the Athletic Stage

Candice Storey Lee

Chuck Culpepper at the Washington Post provides a great feature of Candice Storey Lee, who was officially named Vanderbilt's athletic director in May

"The athletic director and former post player know the importance of knowing how to pivot. 'Everybody comes to Vanderbilt having been a star in their own ring, whatever that means,' Lee said. 'And then Vanderbilt will teach you to adjust, and it will make you feel vulnerable, and it will force you to grow and hopefully thrive in the circumstances and with the cards that you’re dealt. And I think that I can relate to coming to Vanderbilt thinking that things were going to turn out one way and they turned out wholly different, and I hope that that resonates with kids because part of what we’re trying to teach young people is to pivot and to be nimble but to take advantage of this opportunity to transform yourself.'”

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Jessica Berman

After Unsettled Offseason, Lax League to Face Off in April

Sport Techie reports on The National Lacrosse League announcement that it plans to stage its 35th season beginning the weekend of April 9–11, 2021. Deputy commissioner Jessica Berman said 80% of NLL season-ticket holders applied their payments toward next season rather than seek a refund. We had the chance to speak with Jessica, the highest-ranking woman in a men’s professional sports league, a few months back


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  • Tyrone Brooks, Sr. Director, Front Office and Field Staff Diversity Pipeline Program at Major League Baseball; Founder, Baseball Industry Network


SLN's John Peters will be speaking at the Fitness & Active Brands Summit


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