John Peters speaks with Jean-Michel Fournier, CEO of LesMills Media while Nicole Petitto spoke with Nate Forster, the CEO of NEOU. Each spoke on their unique insights into how they set themselves apart with their respective companies.
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Jean-Michel Fournier

A Content-Driven Approach
to Hitting the Right Note

“Connection is critical and what people have been missing, what they have been craving has been the connection with their personal trainer, with their fitness instructor, and connecting with the energy of a fitness structure. And they have to in some ways to relearn about how to exercise differently and to adapt to the situation.”

John Peters is joined by Jean-Michel Fournier, CEO of LesMills Media. Jean-Michel is no stranger to health and technology. He's held senior roles with companies like HP, GE, United Health, and even founded a successful startup BitGym. Jean-Michel spoke about the consumerization of fitness and how his company is serving its communities through rich and engaging content. He also teased who will be sharing the stage with at the up-and-coming Fitness and Active Brand Summit.

Nate Forster

A Success that Comes
At a (Lower) Price

“When I look at digital wellness, I just see hardware and I see it going after the top 1%, the people that can afford to spend $2,000 or $3,000 on a bike or a treadmill, and then $40 a month to use it. What about everyone else? Where is the marketplace? Where’s the Amazon slash Netflix, the amazing content, affordable price. Who’s connecting the dots, creating this unity? No one had an answer and then that’s all I needed.”

Nicole had the honor of speaking with Nate Forster, the CEO of NEOU. NEOU is a digital marketplace that has often been referred to as the Amazon and Netflix of fitness. With hundreds of brands, thousands of workouts, and technology that taps into deep layers of personalization, NEOU provides endless options for the user and also allows instructors and brands to share their content with the world.


Yea, but are they 'Street Legal'?

The National Law Review notes that "The four fastest official times in men’s marathon history have been set by athletes wearing" Nike shoes since Eliud Kipchoge set his world record two years ago. The article explores both the history and "fairness" of Nike's current perch atop the distance running mountain.

(Photo by Sora Shimazaki Pexels)

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Better off TED

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SLN's John Peters will be speaking at the Fitness & Active Brands Summit


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