While we have a lot to share with you in this issue, including insightful conversations with Jim "The Rookie" Morris and Vuori CEO Joe Kudla, we wanted to share some insightful, emotional pieces we encountered about Wednesday's unprecedented boycotts.
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A Day Like None Other In Sports

"You get tired of it, Sam. You get tired of it. You get tired of people pretending like it's the same for everybody."

During this most tumultuous time, we wanted to make everyone aware of yesterday's NBA Podcast by the Athletic (Apple | Spotify). Veteran NBA reporter David Aldridge opens up to Sam Amick about the NBA boycott, what led to it, how it's affecting him personally and what they see for the future. 


Jim “The Rookie” Morris

Dreams Made True

“You have to have as little to do with (narcissists) as possible and not be confrontational because most of the dream killers on my list are narcissistic people. And narcissists are never, ever, ever, ever wrong. And so you’re not gonna win an argument. And so you might as well just go and do whatever, say whatever you had to say and then go do your thing.”

Guest host Brad Maybe speaks with Jim Morris. His book “The Oldest Rookie” was made into the Disney blockbuster, The Rookie, starring Dennis Quaid. Jim discusses his failures, overcoming illness, and the difference between killing yourself and not living, all of which is in his latest book called “Dream Makers.”

oe Kudla, Founder, and CEO of Vuori

A Flexible Approach
to Product Development

“We launched the business with a focus on men’s yoga cause we thought that there was a really unique open space in the market there. And there really was. But when we started talking to our customers, we learned quickly that, you know, they were running in the product, they were lifting weights and going to the gym in our product.”

Laurenn Cutshaw speaks with Joe Kudla, Founder, and CEO of Vuori, a performance apparel brand with a nontraditional approach to activewear. Joe and his team value the relationship with their consumers as much as the relationship we have with the planet.



Stefanie Strack

A VISion for the future of women's sports

Former Nike Exec Rallies 150 Women in Sports to Launch Startup (Sportico)

"Strack serves as the face of her company as it launches, but she didn’t build it alone. Though she did put more than of $1 million of her own money into building VIS, she also brought on 150 other women to help her launch the platform."

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Rod Rapson

Going Beyond Boos Online,
and What to Do About It 

CNN has a piece on how tennis players are facing death threats and online abuse as soon as they step off the court. Rod Rapson, Managing Director of Playsight spoke with us about the issue of online abuse recently


We're super excited about our upcoming guests and conversations. Check back for conversations with:

  • Jeff Rosenthal Hibbett Board Member and Former CEO
  • Rob Langstaff (former Adidas and Brooks executive) and Dave Larson (former executive at Nike, Women's Tennis Association and others)


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