This week's issue includes a reunion between Mike Gugat and former NFL and Oregon player George Wrightster, and a conversation with the founders of Liteboxer.
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George Wrightster

Talking about Race During a Pivotal Moment in Sports

“It’s amazing how difficult it is for some people to have conversations about race in this country because you can simultaneously say, alright, I love America, I wouldn’t want to be born anywhere else, there’s a lot of freedom, a lot of opportunities, all of that. But at the same time, the racist history also has put into play systematic things, systematic oppression that still rears its ugly head today.”

Broadcaster and former NFL and Oregon player George Wrightster spoke with Mike Gugat on a range of topics the day after the Milwaukee Bucks and Brewers refused to play in protest of Jacob Blake having been shot 7 times by a Kenosha police officer. The two long-time friends cover a lot of ground, including the thrill of business and the difference between quitting and pivoting.

Todd Dagres, Co-founder of Spark Capital and Co-Founder, Chairman of Liteboxer and Jeff Morin, Co-Founder, CEO of Liteboxer

Data That Packs a Punch

“Instead of giving you a bag and say 'Go punch it', we said, 'We’re going to give you an interactive sparring partner for your home. We’re going to challenge you. You’re going to have to basically play in this game where you are punching.'”

Todd Dagres, Co-founder of Spark Capital and Co-Founder, Chairman of Liteboxer and Jeff Morin, Co-Founder, CEO of Liteboxer talk to John Peters about the origins of Liteboxer, finding the right trainers and investors, and the importance of rhythm and fun. 


Zwift virtual training of a bicyclist and a virtual world on a television screen

Immersed in Cash: Training App Maker Zwift Scores $450M  

TechCrunch reports on the deal made by the Long Beach, California-based online fitness platform with investment firm KKR for a minority stake, and also notes that Zwift has now raised $620 million overall with a valuation of more than $1 billion. What to do with that much cash? The company said it has its eye on the hardware business.


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Co-Founder & CEO, Beni Gradwohl

Cognovi Labs Looks to
Go Out of This World 

Cognovi Labs, experts in predictive and prescriptive analytics, engaging in everything from retail to politics, said in a release it will be competing in the Persistent ISR Challenge. The challenge, which is part of the two-day EngageSpace virtual event, put Cognovi Labs alongside a diverse group of teams that represent entrepreneurial startups, small businesses, large enterprises, academic institutions and research labs. Check out our past conversation with Co-Founder & CEO, Beni Gradwohl, Ph.D. 



Nicole Petitto

Welcome, Nicole!

Nicole Petitto has previously created six signature programs exclusive to Equinox: Trilogy Barre, The Muse, True Barre, Barre Burn, Gold Barre & Pilates Remix and has presented over 100 teacher trainings in these formats. Now she's getting ready to present conversations with a variety of interesting guests as the newest member of the SLN podcast network. First up: Jimmy Martin and Johnny Adamic, Co-Founders of Brrrn.

Check back for updates on her new podcast! 


Image by Monika Andersson from Pixabay

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