This week, we catch up with Sebastien Lagree, the CEO and Founder of Lagree Fitness about their first in-home piece of equipment, and with Quicksilver Bob McKnight about the rise of his iconic brand
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Sebastien Lagree, the CEO and Founder of Lagree Fitness

Taut Leadership

"I really want people to know what is the perfect form. ... There’s a lot of things when you do Lagree, not only just the form but the tempo, the alignment, the range of motion. It’s using the right amount of tension, then you have the right duration. So there’s just so many elements that need to be addressed, and taught.”

In this episode, Nicole had the opportunity to speak with Sebastien Lagree, the CEO and Founder of Lagree Fitness. Having designed a method that is now licensed by over 400 fitness studios worldwide and currently holding 97 patents, the Lagree technique is widely known and continues to grow in popularity. Lagree Fitness is now reaching a whole new audience with the introduction of their first in-home piece of equipment, The Micro.

Bob McKnight, Quiksilver

Rising Tide of an Iconic Brand

“We always compete with each other in a really friendly environment with all those guys that started all those businesses. Behind the scenes, we’re drinking beers, we’re surfing together.”

In this episode of Views From The Bus, Bob Mcknight, former CEO of Quiksilver joins Bob Rief. There has been no brand more legendary than Quiksilver and no founder more legendary than Bob, even though he’s probably going to deny that. Bob talks about Quicksilver's beginnings, starting in the U.S., it's growth, its competition, the rise of women in the sport, the importance of partnerships, and how seemingly everyone wants to be at the beach. 



Jasmine Maietta, CEO of round21

round21, For the Win

FTW at USAToday reports on the 2021 NFLPA Pitch Day competition, "a Shark Tank-style entrepreneurial event where companies compete for funding, mentorship, and NFLPA assets." Recent SLN guest and CEO of sports lifestyle brand round21 Jasmine Maietta emerged the winner. You can check out our recent conversation with Jasmine on the Agents of Innovation Podcast, where she talks about her journey and about creating a more inclusive team culture.

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