We talk to TeakOrigin co-founders Brent Overcash and Greg Shewmaker about the data of food, Author and accountant Stephen Griffin about fraud in youth sports and how the husband and wife team from Prana got off the ground
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TeakOrigin co-founders Brent Overcash and Greg Shewmaker

Data to Sink Your Teeth Into

“Think about all of the products out there and how much we know about them and all the information that’s available about them. And yet fresh foods are the least known of anything that we interact with on a daily basis. And when it’s just counter-intuitive, it goes against all conventional wisdom.”

Did you know that the average apple contains over 5 gigs of data? And that the calories in one avocado can be double those of another, and until now, there’s been no way to know the difference. TeakOrigin is changing that for shoppers, retailers and governments, helping solve quality, pricing and food waste problems on a global level. On this episode of the Agents of Innovation podcast, Dave’s guests are TeakOrigin co-founders Brent Overcash and Greg Shewmaker.

Stephen Griffin, author of Front Row Seat: Greed and Corruption in a Youth Sports Company

How Greed Can Tarnish a Legacy

“If somebody wants to mislead you or make misrepresentations,  they can pull it off if you don’t really get into the weeds and demand access to source data which we ultimately didn’t do."

John Peters is joined by forensic accountant Stephen Griffin, author of “Front Row Seat: Greed and Corruption in a Youth Sports Company. John spoke to Stephen about what went wrong at Legacy Global Sports, one of the largest youth sports operators at the time, that is now bankrupt and still under an ongoing criminal investigation by the Department of Justice.

Beaver and Pam Theodosakis, Founders of Prana

A Short Story about a Long View

"We made these long shorts and started wearing them around and some motocrossers started liking them and guys on the beach, then spring break hits and millions of kids came to South Florida. So we had this captive audience pretty much and the brand took off.”

There aren’t too many husband-wife successful entrepreneurs with successful marriages in this business, but Beaver and Pam Theodosakis, Founders of Prana, are really the best example of coming together and creating something that wasn’t there before.



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