Chad Capellman spoke with Jon Schwartz, Sr. VP, Communications, Marketing, Digital & Social Media at the Big Ten Conference and Bob Rief spoke with Tradian Maier, Founder of surfer's ear solution EarPro.
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Jon Schwartz, Big Ten Conference

The Old College Try

"I think lessons are being drawn from across all sports about where that line is between it’s their decision or it’s their obligation to do media abilities. And that, in a way, that’s a good thing for the athlete. There are also unintended consequences with that in terms of the ability to share that story with fans and feeling closer to that athlete."

Chad Capellman re-connected with a colleague from his student newspaper days, Jon Schwartz. After successful runs with NASCAR and the National Football League, Jon has just begun his role as Senior Vice President, Communications, Marketing, Digital & Social Media at the Big Ten Conference. They talked about Jon’s goals for his new role at the Big Ten, his Sports Mentoring Project podcast, and some of his favorite moments during his time as Senior VP of Communications and Public Affairs at the NFL. They also talked about how the role of public affairs has evolved, the challenges and opportunities with every single player being a media entity, and why NASCAR has a love-hate relationship with a certain Will Ferrell racing movie. 

 Tradian Maier, Founder of EarPro

Wiping Out Surfer's Ear

“I used to work in the scuba industry, down in Asia and people were paying a whole bunch of money to actually do four to five dives a day. And where actually the issue first came up to me was when we had guests sitting out basically every single dive trip because of ear problems.”

In this episode of the Views From The Bus podcast, Bob Rief is joined by Tradian Maier, Founder of EarPro. Many surfers and water sports participants have a common issue of Surfer’s ear, a condition that causes blockage of the ear canal. Tradian caught Bob’s attention when he applied to the SDSI Accelerator Group with a solution for Surfer’s ear. Listen to Tradian and Bob discuss the importance of ear health and how SDSI teamed up with EarPro to launch their product successfully in the United States.


From a Small Circle to a Big Business Influence

As part of the Sports Illustrated and Empower Onyx series, Elle-evate: 100 Influential Black Women in Sports, they take a look at Shaina Wiel. Her organization, Minorities in Sports Business, started out as a personal networking community and has continued to grow well beyond her own friend group. “I think people are starting to realize that saying, ‘We can't find talent of color at this level’ just really isn’t an excuse anymore,” says Wiel. “And executives are willing to invest in the resources to look for that talent now.”

Shaina Wiel



Bruce Smith, CEO & Founder, Hydrow

Lizzo, Timberlake Among Hydrow's $200M Investor Crew

CNBC reports on how rowing start-up Hydrow scored a new round of funding from investors that included Lizzo and Justin Timberlake. We spoke to Founder and CEO Bruce Smith a little while back. He spoke about how delivering a connected experience from the water to your home differentiates Hydrow from the rest of the market.


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