Mike Gugat catches up with his old friend Andy Levinson, the PGA Tour's go-to guy for Anti-Doping Policy and the Tour's response to Covid.
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Andy Levinson - PGA Tour

A Tour de Course Career

"As we looked at the health and safety program and what were all of the different steps we were going to be taking  to monitor each individual and make sure that we didn't have any cases arising, or if we did, we were going to be able to isolate them. We did start looking at wearable technology.”

In this episode of the SLN Podcast, Mike Gugat catches up with his old friend Andy Levinson.  As an executive at the PGA Tour, Andy wears several different hats.  His day-to-day role is Senior Vice President of Tournament Administration, while he also serves as Executive Director of USA Golf. With a Communications, Business Development, and Marketing background, Andy is the PGA Tour's go-to guy for Anti-Doping Policy and the Tour's response to Covid.  We touched on shared experiences at Mizuno while also delving into Team USA and the forthcoming Tokyo Olympic games.


Poring Over the Details, Electronically

Close-up image of new electronic skin

New Atlas reports on "Thin, wearable films packed with discreet sensors promise to change the game when it comes to health monitoring, with the potential to track everything from vitamin C levels, to blood sugar, to signs of cardiovascular trouble.

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