Chad Capellman spoke with Suzanne Medina, VP of Spanish Content for MLB, about building the channel, approaching multilingual projects, connecting via social media, the importance of Kim Ng and how her mom "helped" her meet Hall of Famer Ricky Henderson.
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Translating a Passion into a Career

Suzanne Medina, VP Spanish Content, Major League Baseball

"First and foremost know your audience, and who are you trying to deliver that content to. And second of all, find people who can write, translate and translate both ways. English to Spanish and Spanish to English, which I think is very important, especially for what we do."

Chad Capellman had a chance to reunite with a former colleague, Suzanne Medina, who has spent the past 15 years with Major League Baseball and where she was recently promoted to Vice President of Spanish Content. They talked about her early days building out the first Spanish-language sites for major league teams, and how that became a business model for her current department. They talked about how both teams -- and companies outside of baseball -- should approach multilingual endeavors, and how social media better connects her and her team to passionate fans around the world. She shared a great story about how years ago, her mother once mortified her in front of Hall of Famer Ricky Henderson. She also shared her take on the importance of the hiring of Kim Ng as major league baseball’s first female general manager and how Fernando Tatis, Jr. is transcending languages and cultures as he brings a welcome energy to the game.


Why Biles Leads by Miles: An Amimated Story Woven Through a Thread

Simone Biles executing the Yurchenko double pike

Some people love Twitter. Some can't stand it. Some have no opinion at all. But if you were like many of us who knows Simone Biles is legendary, but can't easily explain it, this Twitter thread by @sf_boswell using gifs to show how Simone Biles' execution of the Yurchenko double pike, not to mention the confidence to attempt it, is one of the best uses of the medium you'll encounter. 

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