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Playbill 4/2/2022
Pretty In Pink
Julye Brundage
Julye Brundage, from Atlanta, Georgia, wears many hats as a Senior Influencer, wife, mother of two girls (aged 11 and 21), healthcare worker, and lover of all things pink!

Julye joined Tori Belle at the beginning of the pandemic and she knew it was more important than ever to create an uplifting platform of joy. Lashes, laughter, and love is precisely what you get when you visit Julye’s facebook page.  

What keeps Julye motivated is her lash family and the Tori Belle culture of support and growth, where she feels heard at all levels of leadership, including Corporate. She thrives in an environment open to new possibilities, introducing new products, and bringing innovations to the make-up and now wellness industry. Julye shares her gratitude by saying, β€œI absolutely love and appreciate the openness of our CEO, Laura Hunter".  

The 2021 Florida Conference was the highlight of her TB experience. Julye was filled with so much emotion during Laura and Bob’s surprise wedding ceremony.  She is more than ready to fill her emotional tanks again at the upcoming Time to Shine! Convention because as she explains, β€œNo matter people’s age or rank, you can always learn something from them!”

The message she would tell her past self when she first began her Tori Belle business would be to keep being yourself.  Don’t change who you are for anyone!  And the message she would tell her future self would be to stay consistent and motivated and keep pushing, because this is just the beginning!

Written by Cathie Allen, TB Director of Personal Development

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Have you found one yet?! For the month of April, orders over $100 have a chance to include a golden egg! Each of them offers an exciting treasure just waiting to be uncovered, with a top prize of $250!

Meet Eva


Hello! My name is Eva Gutierrez, I am the Spanish Field Communicator and a team member of our INCREDIBLE Customer Support Department. I also run the Tori Belle En EspaΓ±ol page; please join!  


I have been a part of our wonderful Tori Belle family since 2019, as much as I love being an affiliate, I am now a full-time member of the AMAZING corporate team!!! I am Blessed! Just saying… 

When not at work, one of my favorite hobbies is to do makeup, both for myself and as a makeup artist. Seeing a happy person’s face after you’ve done their makeup and the confidence that come with that is one of the most uplifting things; I love it!


I also love spending time with my family! Enjoying the outdoors, going fishing, crabbing, off-roading, hiking, and of course eating!


Speaking of food, my favorite aside from Mexican food, is Indian food. I love the aromas of all the spices and herbs they use in their yummy creamy sauces and naan bread, it’s simply delicious!


Wow… my favorite TB product? That’s a hard one; I Love Them all!!! But for sure I fell in love with our magnetic lashes and liner at first sight. They make my life easier for sure!  


The best part of being a part of the customer service team is just how caring, humble, funny, and helpful everyone on the team is; including my amazing neighbors in the warehouse! Being able to interact with our WONDERFUL affiliates and give them and their customers the support they deserve is also a deeply fulfilling feeling. I am thankful for the opportunity to partake in this inclusive, genuine, empowering, and welcoming Company!


If there's a support tip I can give, it would be to only submit one ticket per issue. If multiple tickets are submitted regarding the same issue, it can create confusion and delays in resolving the problem as multiple people may be trying to solve it at the same time.


We appreciate all your help, and we are so thrilled to be able to assist you!

Breakfast @ Tiffany's Look!

Updated 7-Day B.R.A.V.E. Training!

Want a refresher on Tori Belle or B.R.A.V.E. training? Our updated training is being sent to all newly enrolled affiliates, but you can sign up as well. Just answer a few simple questions here, and we'll email you a new lesson each day!


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Create the perfect ombre eyebrow using our brand new brush! This brush is precisely designed to fill brows and define angles for the perfect brow every time.

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Spring Fling Magnetude Magnetic Lashes

A wispy, doe-eye shape, our Magnetude Spring Fling Eyelashes are full and fluffy, for a flirtatious dreamy look.

Spring Fling Lashes are also the LASH OF THE MONTH, which means they are currently 40% off for a limited time!

P3 Moisturizing Primer

P3 primer moisturizes and visibly blurs pores and fine lines for a smooth filtered look (without the filter). Its velvety smooth texture feels soft to the touch and provides a powder-like matte finish that you’ll love.
This multi-purpose formula plumps and fills to create a smooth base for your makeup and provides protection for your skin from pollutants and other damaging outside sources.

March Mentorship Heroes
Please help us celebrate our March Mentorship heroes! They are committed to our Tori Belle value of fostering a culture where mentorship happens at all levels. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of others by:
  • anaging the relationship
  • ncouraging
  • urturing
  • eaching
  • ffering Respect
  • esponding to the needs of others


The deadline for hotel room booking is over, but if you still want to attend conference in person, you have until April 11th to register!

  • $275 General Admission (register by 4/19/22)
  • $199 Non-Affiliate Guest Admission (register by 4/19/22)
  • $75 Red Carpet Party Admission (register by 4/19/22)

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Cant Make it In-Person?

Deadline to register for virtual admission is April 18th

  • $199 per person
  • Access to view General Session Thursday and Friday (one device) 
  • Replay of General Session available 48 hours after conference ends
  • Access to Conference Swag Store
  • 2,500 Travel Points
  • Conference Magnetude Eyelashes
  • Tori Belle Swag bag ($200 value)


Anyone who purchases a Virtual ticket between April 1st - April 15th will also be entered to win a VIP Swag bag ($300 value)

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