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Captured Wishes

Hello Bernie,

What to do, what to do.  Covid19 is still present in our lives but parts of the country we live in are opening, restoring, rebooting to try to get back to the days of normal.

Normal. Such an odd word right now. 
Where you live, what is the tone of your neighborhood? How many of you, my newsletter readers, are "dipping your toes' over your thresholds and venturing past the invisible barriers of isolation? Are you masking or donning gloves? How safe are you keeping yourself? Are you at least keeping the required physical distance from anyone you come across?
It's a tough decision. A scary process for some. But whatever you do, the threat of Covid19 is still prevalent in our daily lives. I mean, who has yet to get a haircut?!! March 18 was the day my place of employ closed the doors and sent us home. ...a longish time for hair to get longish as the days of isolation have grown longish too? We, everyone, have simply been staying home to keep everyone safe.
I say communing with video or phones is just not enough.
We are a bit lost while we are missing our own brand of personal and emotional contact with our bestest people; our families where sons and daughters are no longer home, our nieces and nephews, aunts, uncles and grandparents are just not close enough now. Our best friends.
So how can you send special wishes to them, to let them know you are thinking about their well being?
Because we Love them to the Moon and Back. Right?
I love You to the Moon and Back

I Love You to the Moon and Back ~ See it HERE

And what about those youngins who were supposed to graduate this year as well. How can you celebrate their Graduation when you can't be with them?
Graduation Ifs

Graduation Ifs ~ See it HERE

Send them your wishes, of course! Captured Wishes has every wish you might think of (we can also create wishes C U S T O M too!) for you to choose and order.  
It's easy!  Choose a wish from any of our store categories,
add your thoughts for your recipient,
and we'll ship the wish you choose directly to your special people
 and they'll read your extra personal message.
I've always loved the magic of opening up the mailbox and finding an unexpected parcel with MY name on it. And then discovering someone who loves me took a little extra time to make sure I know how much they love me!
How about you?
Marlene - Captured Wishes

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