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Captured Wishes

Hello Bernie,

The global pandemic Covid-19 has completely perplexed humanity. Our world as we have known it no longer runs on normal. Things are changing so quickly now.  This Coronavirus has created complexities that we will have to constantly reassess. 

Here at Captured Wishes, my heart and thoughts go out to each of you as we hunker down and hold ourselves tight and keep ourselves safe each day with our isolation efforts. I have been thinking about how you all may be experiencing the unexpected changes in our world and it truly has caused pause.
I've heard it said social distancing should be rethought and renamed as physical distancing because we still have opportunities to keep in touch - Skype, texting, WhatsApp, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and email, to name a few. I am glad for this and grateful.
 I realize many of us may be facing trying times in the months ahead. 

Rather than go completely silent with the business end of things, I have decided I will just go with the flow and tailor my posts and "socializing" to continue to entertain, inspire and give hope, as well as provide some extra peace of mind and perspective. My online store will remain open. However, I will also display wishes that I create - even if just for your viewing pleasure. Because that's just what I do.

We will all certainly be doing some serious wishing in the next months, and I intend to bring some of those wishes to life with my crafting; if we know others feel the same, then we won't feel so alone or disconnected.

My wishes are my passion. This is how I visually and tangibly express my heart.
I am, after all, a wishcrafter. Thanks for loving what I love to do.




Thanks so much Bernie!

Your Wishcrafter - Marlene

The Captured Wishes Team

There is also another website which was the original start of my journey:
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