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Captured Wishes

Hello Bernie,

I imagine many of us have been unwittingly honing our spidey senses to any mention anywhere about Covid19. How could we not? It's ominous power locally, nationally and globally intersects and connects us on a daily basis.
Physically and Socially distancing ourselves to save the world, we are tightly waiting. Waiting for this pandemic to pass. Waiting for our lives to begin again. Waiting for normal to return. We all are safely tucked in our homes pretty much since mid-March with many of us feeling somehow like we've been cheated out of our lives. Many of us feel we've had to forfeit everyTHING because of this waiting phase. 
You must go after your Wish
But I think we have forgotten what is it to have patience. Ooo. Yeah. I know this plight. Patience is a virtue. Without getting angry or upset.  Because believing everything as cancelled, null, void in our lives does not serve us. THaT is fright speaking.
Instead!  FLiP your thinking toward new solutions. We should be using this incredible time allotment to shake ourselves and our thinking about unfolding our lives in more reflective and incredibly monumental ways that still hold our traditional values and beliefs yet shout we are celebrating LIFE  - instead of watching the news for the bad, seek out the stories that are genius and fun and more human than we've been in a long time. Think from the heart. SHare from your heart. Create from your heart.  Renew your friendship with life.
At Captured Wishes, the very essence of expressing what's in your heart is what we do. Real wishing, real wishes are a unique way to show how you feel to those you love and care about. Did you know we offer DIRECT gift delivery to your recipient? 
We've now changed our store - ANY wish you select can now be DIRECT Delivered to your best person, best family member, best buddie, best love, best bestie.
Right at checkout, add your thoughts (No novels please! lol) and they'll be sent along with your love. We'll help you bridge the P&S gap.
Once your recipient holds their wish that is your wish, from you, hearts will connect and the Physical and Social Distance we are all feeling will briefly embrace magic - beautiful moments captured as treasured memories!
Here are a few wish gift ideas that just may warm someone's heart:
Your My Best Friend Get Well Wishes Nurture the Nurse
Nurture the Nurse
Marlene - Captured Wishes

About Captured Wishes and Their Creator, Marlene Massam

My name is Marlene Massam, and I am about Captured Wishes. I am Canadian born and was raised in northern Alberta, and after uprooting and moving extensively for 20 years, we finally (my husband, son and daughter) settled just 7 miles from where I ... Read more...


There is also another website which was the original start of my journey:

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