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Hi Scarlett,

Some great features just got released within Klaviyo - your Email/Newsletter System we use to stay in touch with customers and promote eCommerce situations!

First and foremost - whatever data they collect is yours. It is not shared outside their system. Aside from the great legal advantage to that, it allows them to provide instant information to your customers as you want.

Now, if you drop the price on an item, if it was abandoned by a customer previously, that customer will now get a specific email indicating the item they wanted just had a price drop and are you still interested?

They are also providing "Multi-Step" sign up possibilities. Within the same "Flyout" they can email signup and or SMS Text sign up. They've discovered in all their data that a lot of people look while on their phone. You can now offer an "Instant" discount coupon thru email and or SMS Texting. They have seen great purchasing response to the SMS Texting. You can get Free SMS Texting with a special # for up to 150 Texts a month - certainly worth a trial!

It is now easier to ask for important information on your subscribe form. Example:  A Pet Store now can ask to check one of many boxes to indicate what animal the person has. Then, an email campaign of info or products or price reductions can be sent to that specific segment!!

Lastly, their reports are much more inclusive to get a better understanding of the data and the decision making processes!

Thanks for your business!


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