Remember Pimp My Ride - that corny show with Xzibit in the 2000s?

For each episode, they'd pick a car and have it upgraded professionally. If you haven't guessed that yet, that's what we'll be doing with your Email Marketing... only less corny. 


Here's what you get if you win: 

  • One Email of that email sequence, fully pimped, upgraded, redone for maximum impact & conversions
  • One of your email flows analyzed and broken down via a custom loom video going over each email, letting you know what needs to be improved, and how. 
  • New and improved copy for your SignUp Forms & PopUp to increase your signup rate & get more people reading your emails
  • We'll share the Old Email & the Pimped Email on our Blog, thus sending you free traffic & better SEO ratings


Sign Up for a chance to win in the random draw every 2nd week - as well as email marketing tips, breakdowns of killer emails, and exclusive content.


We'd rather die than share your information or send you spam.


P.S.: We'll share the Old vs New Email on our Blog, the Sequence Review will only be available to subscribers