Prize 1: Basket #1

  • ONE - 6 Cup Teapot
  • ONE -  50 g Loose Leaf Teas
  • ONE - Tea Bag Holder
  • ONE - Sugar Cube Tongs
  • ONE - 10 Pack Tea Bags
  • ONE - Tea Pot Cookie Cutter
  • ONE - Dolcetti Cookies
  • ONE - Truffles
  • ONE - Premium Basket
  • Free Shipping

Prize 2: Basket #2

  • ONE - 2 Cup Teapot
  • ONE -  50 g Loose Leaf Teas
  • ONE - Sugar Cube Tongs
  • ONE - 5 Pack Tea Bags
  • ONE - Tea Pot Cookie Cutter
  • ONE - Dolcetti Cookies
  • ONE - Basket
  • Free Shipping


  1. One entry per person by entering your email address in the Enter to Win.  Bonus entry for subscribing to the SMS.
  2. No purchase necessary.  
  3. Making a purchase does not increase your odds of winning.
  4. Winner must be a resident of Canada or the US and be over the age of 16.
  5. Contest begins April 9, 2022 and ends Sat April 23, 2022 at 11:59 pm Eastern Time.
  6. This contest is run by Totally TEA-riffic Tea.
  7. A winner will be chosen randomly.
  8. This contest is void where prohibited. 
  9. This contest is in no way endorsed, sponsored or administered by Facebook or Instagram, nor is Facebook or Instagram associated with this contest. 
  10. Prize redemption is conditional upon the winner answering a skill-testing question.
  11. Prize winners must claim the prize within 5 days of notification.
  12. Basket #1 will be drawn first and winners name will be removed from the second draw.  Basket #2 will be drawn second.
  13. Winner outside of Sault Ste. Marie will receive a gift card in the amount of the items plus the shipping.  Winners within Sault Ste. Marie will win the gift prize.
  14. By entering the giveaway, you are consenting to receive email marketing.  You may unsubcribe at any time.


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