At Sonder LA, we stand behind our product and will replace your cutting board within 1-year of your purchase date if the product has a manufacturing defect. 

Registering your product here guarantees a 1-year extended warranty from the date of purchase.

The following is not covered under this warranty:

  • Damage to the cutting board from intentional or accidental means
  • Abuse, alteration or use of cutting board for purposes other than it was intended
  • Normal wear and tear such as knife marks
  • Splitting or cracking due to inadequate oiling of cutting board (click here for care instructions)
  • Damage due to putting the cutting board into the dishwasher
  • Damage due to exposing the cutting board to extreme heat, cold or open flame
  • Warping or cracking due to storing of cutting board in an excessively damp or humid environment

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Your order # is a 4 digit number (17 digit number if purchased from that can be found on your order confirmation email. Order #'s must be valid to receive the warranty.


If you have more than one product you are registering, you can enter the second order # here.