When I saw what had happened with Sophia on twitter, my heart broke.

I can't stress enough how important it is that we champion people doing important research. 

I know a lot of you've been asking how to help out, so here it is.


---- So What Is Happening -----

I'll be crafting some breathtaking artworks displaying the beauty of darkmatter halos collapsing into black holes based on the guidance and advice of Sophia and her incredible research. 

These rare artifacts will be printed on luxurious paper using pure pigment inks and are sized so they can easily be framed. The store itself will only be open for 3 days between the 10th-13th June and once closed these pieces will never be avaliable again.

Its a unique opportunity to own a piece of history, where science meets art. You'll be able to fill your home with something beautiful and meaningful that reminds us of how incredible the universe is whilst supporting both Sophia and I. 


----- Want me to email you when it goes live?------

If you fill out your info below I'll send you a quick heads up once the store opens, and on the rare occasions beautiful space art is avaliable. I really hate spam with a passion so we try to keep things as minimal as possible. Your privacy is important. We'll never share your email or information with anyone and you can unsubscribe at any time.


--- PS. If you were curious prints range from 490 to 99 usd, and we'll include digital bundles at 5 usd. Yep, and we'll be able to ship worldwide and shipping is 12 per print or free with 3 prints xx.