Every time (maybe once a quarter, I haven't decided on frequency yet) you get our newsletter, it will be the highlight of your day, and your parents will respect you more once they find out you signed up for the Karta Ventures newsletter.

Outside of c-tier sarcasm, here's what you'll get out of our emails...

  • Opportunities to work together! Yes, that means you Mr. Mezzanine Lender that wants to fund well run deals or strangely exhausted private equity associate that's sick of being forced by their MD to make minor adjustments to a presentation at 3:33 AM and wants a new career.
  • What we're working on, which ranges from LBOs to minority equity deals in digital-first consumer brands, and how to most effectively microwave broccoli while on conference calls without making noise.
  • Blogs and/or rants. Hopefully you care as much as we do about how to effectively scrape PACER (US bankruptcy filings) for overlooked assets that aging lawyers don't know the worth of while avoiding PACER's ridiculously overpriced fees. Or maybe you want to know how we automated our deal flow process using a number of APIs and some suspect coding?
  • The latest & greatest about companies we're investing in, how good our returns are (while we conveniently leave out any failures), and how they are doing. You want updates on our semi-conservative woman's clothing retailer...right? Good!