​Please sign up on this form if you'd like to get on the wait list. We are going back to our traditional mailing list for custom lights. The standard "back in stock" app we use just wasn't cutting it. Normal products will still use the "back in stock" notification built into the site. Please note, you'll get an email from this list when any batch of Blue Label lights is released. It's not specific to a given model or finish.   

When I have a new batch of lights for sale (if you are on this wait list) you'll get an email notification when we place inventory on the site. Sales are first come, first serve.

Please "unsubscribe" if you decide you don't want to receive these notifications. You may re-join the list at any time. 

If you have questions please email me: jason@darksucks.com


What exactly is the Wait List? 

  • The Wait List is a simple mailing list, like any other mailing list. Just sign up and you'll get an email every time I have a batch of Blue Label lights for sale.

If I miss a release, am I still on the list?  

  • Yes, you are on the list until you choose to remove yourself.

How many lights are available in each run and why is that the number? 

  • Not that many! I limit the number of lights per drop because it takes about two weeks to build out and ship the orders. We are working to increase capacity and the number of lights available will vary over time. 

When I clicked on the email link, all (or some) of the lights say "sold out," what's up? 

  • Right now the demand for Blue Label lights far exceeds my ability to make them.  The last few batches have sold out in under an hour. 

What time do you send announcement emails, for example, if I'm an international customer? 

  • The exact time the email is sent is automated and they are all delivered simultaneously. I try to randomize the timing as much as possible to give people in different time zones a better chance. 

How often do you release lights for sale? 

  • I make batches of lights when I have time. I have so much other work it's impossible to keep to a regular schedule, hence the wait list. Right now we are aiming for a minimum of once per quarter. 

Can you let me know in advance, when a new batch is coming? 

  • Nope. Every time I try and do that, I end up late and people send me emails to remind me that I'm late. Then I spend time answering emails instead of working. That's not good for anyone :)  

Can I make a deposit on a Blue Label light? 

  • I don't accept deposits because my experience shows, when you take someones money and you aren't sure when they are getting the product, everyone (both you and me) gets stressed out. Stress leads to emails, and I'm stuck back at my computer again :)  

Are you accepting any bespoke orders? 

  • Not at the moment. We are just too busy. I really enjoy dong the bespoke lights, but that generally means no other work is getting done.