​Please sign up on the form below if you would like to get an email when any batch of Blue Label lights is released. We are currently aiming for one batch release per month. The email notification will contain details about the specific models and finishes available in that drop; this subscription is not specific to a given model or finish.

All sales are first come, first served.

We do not accept deposits, prepayments, or holds.

Customers on this Blue Label waitlist will be notified of custom light releases 48 hours before a newsletter is sent to the general email list. 

The number of lights released in any given batch varies, and depends on the availability of materials and machine time. We operate on a rotating machining schedule in an effort to keep all of our products in stock. Our custom flashlight releases at this time are “Maker’s Choice” with customizable LED, optic, button, glow board, clip finish, and accessory package options. Our Bespoke “Buyer’s Choice” list is currently closed.

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