Greetings Promethean!

​Please sign up on the form below if you would like us to send an email when a batch of Blue Labels gets released (Alpha & Delta lights). We are currently aiming for one drop per month. Email notifications contain details about the specific models and finishes available in that drop; this subscription is not specific to a given model or finish.

Members of the Blue Label waitlist receive a notification email 48 hours before we share a new drop with our newsletter subscribers and social media accounts. 

  • All sales are first come, first served.
  • We cannot accept deposits, prepayments, or holds.
  • We do not announce drops in advance.
  • Drops happen at random times to give people in different time zones (around the world) a chance. 
  • To set expectations, drops can sell out in less than an hour :) 

The number of lights released in any given batch varies, and depends on the availability of materials and machine time. We operate on a rotating machining schedule in an effort to keep all of our products in stock, so the composition of Blue Label drops varies throughout the year. 

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